Top 10 SSBU characters (in a order from 10 to 1)

finefrontier - January 12, 2019

10.  Sans undertale

9.  | || || |_

8.  Level 99 Boss

7.  Rory from Club Penguin

6.  PacMan from the Youtube video "Here Comes Pacman"

5.  Toby Turner


3.  Don Bongo

2.  Bill Wurtz

1.  Gustavo Hamler Rocque From Big Time Rush

I wish Sailor Wario from Brawl was still a skin.

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you forgot waluigi lol
oh wait, he'll never be a character lol
E X T R A V A G A N Z A - January 14, 2019
E X T R A V A G A N Z A - January 14, 2019

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