Why We Need To Start Pushing Public Transportation

Elle - Fuck BCPD and MPD - April 13, 2021

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about a very pressing issue in American society and that's the issue of public transportation. In the major city I live in, St Paul, the main form of public transportation is the bus, which can be very slow, and as a result, what is a 10-15 minute drive ends up being about a 50 min to an hour bus ride, which can be very annoying. I think here, and in many other cities with similar issues, I would like to make a couple proposals. The biggest one is that we need rapid rail lines along freeways since it will allow for a good right of way, and it will make public transportation available in areas with more car traffic. Speaking of which, I also would recommend buses start going through more residential areas in both cities and suburbs. This way, the areas can connect better with the rail lines. Anyways I hope that was informative and relevant to SSBWorld.com, thanks.

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Wow this article sucks ass.
Elle - Fuck BCPD and MPD - April 13, 2021

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