Kids, ordered by how much parental supervision they require

Beylese - May 11, 2019


Made this for personal "i'm angry at fanfic writers" reasons, but here's some additional notes:

-For cases where they don't have parents, we're going by closest parental figure (e.g. we don't know toonlink's, pit's or zelda's parents but we DO know TL's Grandma, Palutena and Impa)
-I have never played a Fire Emblem game in my life, nerds arguing about character ages on forums is my whole basis for this. Same deal Xenoblade.
-Assuming pre-timeskip OoT Zelda is the same age as young link, this would put Sheik anywhere between fifteen to early twenties so that's why sheik is there.
-Young Link was technically raised by the Deku tree and/or kokiri communally but I have no idea how attentive either party was. I don't think trees or permachildren make good parental figures - Navi is probably the closest thing to a mom he ever had and he knew her for like, a week. so he has to be pretty good at taking care of himself but idk for sure.
-Dark Pit is like 2 years old so I don't think even he knows exactly how much parental supervision he needs
-Megaman technically isn't a kid but he lives with and relies on Dr Light for maintanence, so.
-Bowser Jr's appearances usually have him being babysat by kamek (Yoshi's crafted world, paper jam) or being frequently checked up on by Bowser (Sunshine, Rabbids Kingdom Battle). Yes he can pilot giant robots but he needs dad's permission first.
-Don't ask me about the koopalings, i have no idea. i guess it depends on whether or not you consider them to be bowser's kids and whether or not they'd get the same amount of attention Junior does.
-Kirby and Pichu technically don't need supervision but they are babies that definitely wouldn't object to it
-Villager canonically loves their mom and that's absolutely delightful.
Beylese - May 11, 2019

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