WoL Hypothetical party split after the pac-maze

Beylese - May 23, 2019


This tierlist means literally nothing to anybody except me but basically: For a hypothetical story mode with cutscenes, after getting past the light breach and coming out of the other side of the maze where MR.G&W is being held the current group might split up to get shit done quick before they fight Galeem.

With that in mind, there are four big routes the group could split along:
-The group that goes through the warp pipe, past pink clouds (rescuing Ness), over the sky area and through gourmet race (rescuing Dedede)
-The group that passes along the train tracks and up the volcano (rescuing ZSSamus, but is it really rescuing her if they already have regular samus?).
-The group that rides Lapras over the ocean to the island (Rescuing Mii Gunner), and into Rathalos's area to fight it (Killing Rathalos and rescuing Toon Link)
-The group that passes along the outskirts (Rescuing PKMN Trainer), up the lil waterfall area (Rescuing Shulk) and along the DK-themed area (Rescuing Diddy)

Obviously my biggest considerations were "Which characters could go near lava without suspension of disbelief protecting them from a hot death", "which characters would willingly take a ride accross the ocean without fear of drowning and would also fight a dragon", "which characters can fly or are not scared shitless of heights" and "everyone else". There also has to be around 8-9 characters per group to keep the 35 characters available by that point split in a way that's narratively not bullshit. Pit is in the sky group because it's funny.

Note that the groups could split further if it was appropriate, like the outskirts group having waterfall, DK and village sub-groups but I can't be bothered doing that. I also didn't consider the fact that they'd need the Engineer Link spirit to use the train, which is only available at the island (where they also get the real Toon Link). So uh. I guess you'd have to come up with some kind of story excuse, like the spirit board, or someone running off to deliver the spirit to the other group?? oh well.
Beylese - May 23, 2019

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