Characters tiered by how dragon-y they are

Beylese - June 25, 2019


The last row of this messed up but I'm not reuploading it since it's literally just every character that's not in another row (Olimar, Cap.Falcom, Doc.Mario, Duckhunt, Ice Climbers, Inkling, Lil Mac, ROB, Ken, Ryu, Snake and WFT).

A few assumptions have been made here, but mostly:
-"Dragon" is defined by: Is a reptile, has a breath weapon. That's it.
-Each row has priority over the row below it, for characters that fit in more than one space.
-We're ignoring any jokes about Red enslaving his pokemon and assuming that training them actually does require him to be friends first
-Robot dragons are still dragons (for Megaman + the Starfox crew)
-"friends" can include "Servants who work for you because they're terrified of you" (Ganondorf) and whatever Person 5's personas are to Ren/Akira.
-G&W isn't the protagonist of the "Climber" or "Zelda" G&W games.
-The Ice Climbers are also not the "Climber" G&W game protagonists.
-Miis getting their faces stolen and put on a dragon counts as "being a dragon".
-Drago, the alligator-like AC villager, is a dragon and not an alligator.
-Splatoon's Dragon-Quest-themed splatfest ain't canon
-Metal Gear's Monster Hunter tie-in is also not canon
-The Pikmin and F-Zero series's mentions of dragons are just fictional ones, not real in-universe
-The ten minutes of research I did to make sure all of the Fire Emblem characters have killed a dragon is accurate. I've never played any Fire Emblem games.
-Someone PLEASE tell me if there are actual dragons in the Street Fighter universe. There are like fifty moves named after dragons and ten characters named "the dragon", which includes Ryu, but I couldn't find any instances of real, actual dragons, let alone ones that Ryu and/or Ken have actually interacted with.

"Dragon" has stopped looking like a word.
Beylese - June 25, 2019

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