Characters ordered by their motivation in own games

Beylese - June 29, 2019


Mostly just thinking about stakes, and how some characters' villains are significantly bigger assholes than others.
Done by the "average" experience - for example Mario has saved the world a few times, but his main goal is usually saving Peach (or Daisy, or Luigi, or a bunch of fairies....).

-"Save the world" can refer either to the physical planet itself, or to an entirety of a species within a world.
-Cloud, Robin, Chrom, Shulk, Bayonetta, Ike, Joker and the Starfox crew have all been placed as a consequence of what their respective villains were after, not what they themselves wanted. Sort of a "What would've happened if they'd failed?" sort of thing.
-Lucas is hard to place for this reason because even the vilains themselves didn't really know what would've happened if he'd failed. Either Porky gets a cool new toy to play with or all life ceases to exist - and Shigesato Itoi has confirmed it would've been the latter.
-BoTW Link couldn't have been adventuring to save the kingdom because it was already gone, and he wasn't trying to rescue Zelda by his own choice because he didn't remember her. So his goal was mostly "save zelda because an old man ghost asked nicely".
-All the Kirby characters' goals vary from game to game. Sometimes the threat is only on popstar, sometimes whole planets are going to be destroyed, sometimes a machine tries to wipe out all sentient life, sometimes Meta Knight blows up his own ship for no reason. Shit happens. Either way it's usually a "multiple planets" deal.
-Untrained pokemon are literally impossible to place but they could go either in the "be the best tier" or "live life" tier because they're essentially just wild animals that like to fight each other for fun.
-Ness is placed where he is because EB is vague about whether "[Giygas] sending all to the horrors of eternal darkness" is just on Earth, or if other planets would be affected too since aliens exist. Buzz-Buzz was an alien and he felt the need to take action, so I don't think leaving Earth would be enough to protect you.
-Wario could also go under "retrieval" since both the warioland and warioware games involve him making money via business or spelunking, but almost everything he does is to make himself happier, including the general Just Being A Dick.
-All of Mewtwo's incarnations involve them killing the scientists that created them and then living in a cave alone until trainers, scientists or pokemon rescue teams come along to harass them. Leave Mewtwo alone.
-Pac-man games rarely have plots but when they do they always involve evil wizards. I did not know this before and I'm glad I do now.
Beylese - June 29, 2019

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