What's that in your water bottle?

Beylese - January 12, 2020


Based on how responsible a character is, and not necessarily whether or not they can drink (Megaman).

-Neither Joker nor Meta-Knight would actually drink their bottles. MK would just want to feel cool and Joker would just want to see if he could get away with it (he could).

-Daisy absolutely would not get away with it

-Kazooie would want to put actual vodka into the bottle but Banjo wouldn't let her

-I ALMOST put Zelda and Sheik into the "secretly has vodka" category since I feel like they're two of the characters that could get away with it but they're both too responsible for that

-When samus is on the clock she needs to look reponsible. Off the clock, or in situations where she has to resort to zero-suit, she no longer gives a shit.

-Putting so many characters in the first category feels like a cop-out but most of them are either fitness-oriented, or just boring/sensible.
Beylese - January 12, 2020

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