About SSB World

SSB World is a community-driven database for Sm4sh. Our goal is to build the largest library of Smash 4 videos and players in order to help you advance your character skills, matchup knowledge and opponent knowledge. We want to help you get better at Sm4sh.

What Makes SSB World Better than YouTube Search?

All of our videos are fully tagged, recording the Players, Stages, Characters and Winners for each game in a set. This gives us the ability to find matchups that YouTube search often doesn't turn up. Want to watch Diddy Kong vs Sheik on Duck Hunt? No problem, videos are just a few clicks away. In addition to that, we can create aggregate statistics for the data we collect.

What Types of Videos are on SSB World?

We only allow competitive tournament matches of SSB4 Singles Sets. YouTube is full of low quality matches and For Glory battles. Our site keeps the quality high.

Any Tips for Beating Marth with Greninja?

Have you ever encountered a matchup based question like this? Our site hopes to help people answer that question by providing people with easy to navigate video matchups.

Does Anyone Know Who X is in My Pool?

Use our Player Database to search Competitive SSB Players and find videos of the players in your pool as well as data on what characters they use most frequently.

Who Are Some Good Dark Pit Mains?

As we build more data, we'll be able to share the top players who use characters for over 50% (75%, 90%, etc) of their tournament matches. A list of Top Player mains for every character, that dynamically adjusts as new data comes in.

Is SSB World the Best Sm4sh Data Source?

No. All of the data presented on our site is entirely based on Sm4sh VODs from tournaments that are uploaded to our site. We will never be perfect for player records nor do intend on replacing any existing Smash datasets, rankings or sites. We hope to complement those sites by delivering some unique stats such as "Who wins more on Dream Land 64 between Mario and Cloud" with some actual data driven numbers.

The more videos that get added to our site, the more reliable statistical insights the community will be able to get.

Why Create an Account?

Creating an account unlocks the following core features of the site:

What Can You Do with a Profile Page?

Why Should I Contribute to SSB World?

What Videos Should You Add to SSB World?

As long as the videos are full tournament sets that you consider high-level play, we would be excited to have them on our site. Here are some ideas for what types of videos YOU should upload.

How Can I Help SSB World?

Got This Far & Want to Contribute Further?

We are looking for support moderators for every SSB4 character. Your job would be to make sure that videos are added regularly to continue to round out your characters matchup database and to in the future potentially help create content as advised (seek out matchup tips, begin character guides, curate resources, etc). A chance to build exposure for your personal brand and SSB Profile. A chance showcase your Sm4sh content creation & moderation skills to help you advance in gaming media and the Smash scene. Interested, contact FGO Loco at contactssbworld@gmail.com

Questions, Feature Requests or Ideas? Report a bug?

Contact FGO LOCO at contactssbworld@gmail.com.

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