Supporting SSB World

SSB World will continue to grow through the generosity of its members and visitors. We gladly accept support through a variety of mechanisms. We want to plan for a sustainable and healthy future, that allows us to focus more on building new features to help support competitive Smash.

We’ve considered a number of options—erecting a paywall, sponsored content, introducing many more ads, including those ones where a video automatically plays on each page load. For various reasons, mostly because we think they ruin the experience of enjoying our Smash content, we've elected not to take those routes.

Fortunately, we have Patreon, a way to connect to the Smash community we hope to serve. And as we considered the possibilities of Patreon we became excited as we realized that we could do better than simply sustain the status quo.

Patron Benefits

Our Patreon Goals

There are two people working on SSB World nearly around the clock. Helping us reach our support goals listed above would make this a healthy, sustainable project and make the site so much better with increased focus on constant improvements and iterations. Our dream would be for this to become our full-time focus instead of a side project.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve this fabulous, growing community.

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