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Smash Ultimate changes / buffs / nerfs so far

Keep in mind, this is all speculation and may or may not be changed on release of the game. Like my work, feel free to click here and donate, it’s not necessary but always g...

WiiGi - June 15, 2018
Stage List Thoughts for SSB Ultimate: Part 1- Intro/Most obvious legal stages.

Introduction- Since Tuesday the smash community has been in a constant state of euphoria since the reveal of the newest game within the series at E3. Like many of us who focus on ...

Firewater - June 14, 2018
List of discovered Smash Ultimate Tech + features (General and character specific)


Nutmeg - June 13, 2018
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character/Engine Changes (via Videos)

These are based on a Tweet Thread I made, so if anything seems condensed, it's because I was trying to fit the info on a tweet. If there's any changes you recommend, feel free to t...

Xyless - June 12, 2018
Is One Stock A Viable Format?

Way back in August, there some buzz on smash twitter regarding a new ruleset. It would change our standard Two Stock and bo3/bo5 to a One Stock bo7 format. While it may have been s...

OH - May 30, 2018
Counter-picking, Stage Strikes First?

An Exercise to Understanding Counter-picking. This isn't something I really thought about before. In Smash we choose character first, then stage. But after the first game, we star...

Divade011 - May 18, 2018
Tips for players to help TO's and general tips for TO's

Hello. My name is Muk.Normally I won't want to start things with: "people don't help TO's at all" but that is frequently the case. In truth, attendees can help TO's a lot and ...

Muk - May 8, 2018
Seeding is the Root of the Problem

The life of a tournament organizer (TO) is not easy. It is fraught with responsibilities that can either make or break a tournament. I think it is a thankless task that comes with ...

ShockSmash - May 7, 2018
Top Ten Moves on Bottom 10 Characters

Giving some recognition to the characters that deserve it these days in the meta. Did your pick make the list? Find out. Enjoy the video.  twitter: @THEWoodmasta  ...

Wood - April 26, 2018
The Art of Palutena


Izaw - April 26, 2018
Travelling Tips & Tricks

Hey guys, long time no see! Yesterday, I made a tweet saying I would write a blog on how I travel so often (, and now that I...

Cagt - April 13, 2018
Villager Retrospective Part 1: The Early Days

Hi everyone,  Colgate here. If you know me it's probably because of my youtube channel or subpar twitter account where I post such uncontroversial opinions as 'Cloud vs Villag...

Colgate - April 12, 2018
Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch

This article is going to be a running feed of Super Smash Bros. (Title Pending) for Nintendo Switch news, rumors and updates. The most recent news will be on top. Some static secti... - April 4, 2018
Winning a matchup 60-40, what does it even mean?

"That's definitely a 60-40 matchup man, it's like impossible to do anything" "Nah man, I swear it's no more than 55-45". What does this mean? Do the players have a common underst...

Alfred - March 27, 2018
"My ideology is based around love" - An In Depth interview with Smash’N’Splash 4 Head T.O - Jaaahsh

The Smash 4 community has a message: we won’t take it anymore. Local communities across the world have decided that Cloud is single-handedly ruining the Doubles metagame. Des...

Z2G - March 21, 2018
Becoming Self Aware Part 1: Goals

Intro: Hi everyone! I wanted to put pen to paper on some things I've been thinking about while trying to help myself improve. So to begin... Something I’ve noticed while tal...

Spin - March 21, 2018
Cloudhead Live Rank v5: The Heir To The Smash 4 Throne

With ZeRo retired, the current PGRv5 season was suddenly up in the air. For three years, he had been the most consistent part of the least consistent game on the planet, taking 1st...

Cloudhead - March 1, 2018
Cloudy Skies: Should We Ban Cloud in Doubles?

For months, Cloud in doubles has been a pressing issue. His strong combos and immense killpower make him not just the best character in doubles, but the best by a fair margin. But ...

CTQ - February 28, 2018
Feedback on the MD/VA PR

First and foremost, I am not writing this because I’m salty that I’m not going to make PR this season (I genuinely don’t believe I deserve to this season anyway),...

Dingus Joe - February 20, 2018
White House Smash League Early Ranking 2018

  White House Smash League 2018 Early Ranking Rankings are determined by a survey given to all players.  Each player receives a score that is derived from the average...

Sean Jones - February 17, 2018
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