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Smash 4 - Ganondorf: Bair Showcase

Ganondorf's Bair in my opinion is Ganondorfs best move and the better you are at abusing it, the better your Ganondorf is going to be overall. It's frame 10, safe on shield an...

MGK - November 15, 2017
Smash 4 - Ganondorf: Dair Showcase

Ganondorf's Dair is a very high risk, high reward sort of move. It kills off stage at 10 + % and can lead into footstool combos. It has amazing disjoint and has abusable auto ...

MGK - November 12, 2017
How to get the Training Mode Mod

Proctavia - November 12, 2017
Smash 4 - Ganondorf: Throws Showcase

Ganondorf's Throw game is decent, it's mainly used at low - mid % with Down throw, Forward throw for a quick 13% and positioning, Back throw is the best at killing and Up thro...

MGK - November 11, 2017
Game and Watch Bucket Guide: Competitive Tricks and Counterplay

Hello there. You may or may not have seen my previous guide on "The Ins and Outs of G&W bucket". That guide and video was mostly about how the move actually worked. This guide...

Wood - November 3, 2017
The Importance (or Lack Thereof) of Relative Reaction Time

Folk knowledge in unavoidable in any community. One such piece of folk knowledge in the Smash community -- and presumably most competitive gaming communities -- revolves around the...

Vermanubis - October 30, 2017
The Ins-and-Outs of Game and Watch Bucket

I think there is some confusion about G&W bucket that needs to be addressed since no commentators seem to know how it works. Bucket has it's own KBG and BKB stats, it does NOT...

Wood - October 26, 2017
Make Tier Lists and Matchup Charts on SSB World

As many of you have likely noticed, we added a Smash 4 Tier List Maker and a Smash 4 Matchup Chart Maker to our site about 30 days ago. Beyond tweeting it out a bit, we haven't pro... - October 24, 2017
Only one or two players using a top tier does not dismiss top tier results.

This article is about a common counter argument usually brought up to imply that a character isn’t as good as people believe. This argument is essentially “X character ...

DRX FAITH - October 23, 2017
History of the ZSS:Diddy MU

This will be a recap of the recent bracket history between high level Diddies and ZSS in the final brackets (top 64, top 32, etc) of PGR-qualified tournaments as the ZSScord b...

Equin0x - October 12, 2017
Cloudhead Chat: An Interview With Rideae!

Everybody loves Pokémon, and the Smash community is no exception. We were thrilled to see Abadango's Mewtwo win Pound 2016 back when we all thought he was still mid-tier. ...

Cloudhead - October 11, 2017
The little things - what goes overlooked in your scene.

Hey everyone, I’m DRX|FAITH, I’m a ZSS main in Gainesville, FL and formerly a Memphis Tournament Organizer (TO), having created the scene with DRX|Ketsen. The point of ...

DRX FAITH - October 11, 2017
The Set Count Episode 29 - After Midnight is the Perfect Time

We're BAAAAACK. Except not really. It's been a long time, but Suar, Vayseth and Sage are here again to bring you some defeatist attitudes, talk about how there's no money, and loom...

The Set Count - October 5, 2017
How to Bayo Dance

Bayonetta is infamous for her somewhat erotic type dance moves. Most notable for making opponents salty as you dance at their misfortunes. (Note: Bayonetta's dances do not always m...

Dunban - October 5, 2017
Cloudhead Live: The Halfway Point Rankings and Recap!

It's been a relaxing few weeks for Smash. And that's a dang good thing - September is when we need some relaxing. It's when the grind comes cranking back up. School, traffic, the...

Cloudhead - September 30, 2017
Unfazed: A Thorough Guide on Armor, Intangibility, and Invincibility.

         When I watch vods, I often hear commentators use the terms "Super Armor" or "invinciblity" pretty haphazardly during matches. Sure, these traits a...

Wood - September 18, 2017
A Beginner's Guide to Playing Bayonetta

Interested in joining Smash 4's version of 20XX? Want to jump from an average of 1-2 to 2-2 in a couple of months? Feel like annoying that one guy at your local? Well, here's where...

CTQ - September 15, 2017
Jab Locking Moves for Every Smash 4 Character

Jab locks are crazy and fun way for you to rack up serious amounts of damage with a string of unescapable moves. So what are jab locks? Basically, when an opponent is tumbling in t...

PaPez - September 15, 2017
Why Lylat Is Necessary

It seems like every day, I see people posting on Twitter about how Lylat is a bad stage and shouldn't be allowed for tournament sets. The thing that bothers me the most is that all...

Zephyr - September 8, 2017
Presenting the first dedicated Sm4sh balance mod - Sm4sh Remix!

Note: This isn't going to be a guide to dedicated to loading Sm4sh mods.  You can find various methods and get help in the Smash 4 Modding server, here:

PolarBair - September 7, 2017
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