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Watch YouTube Videos One Frame at a Time

ESAM just released a video that shows how a single frame can have a huge impact on the result of a game. You can watch it below. Having the ability to slow down a Smash set and ... - July 25, 2017
Let's Run a Tournament! Tips on everything you need to know about TOing for Smash

Hey! I'm back with another youtube series, this one focusing not on playing the game, but running the tournaments we all love. Like last time, this post will be mostly be a link ...

Co-op - July 23, 2017
Mac Nation Power Ranking v3

Two times a year, after Genesis and EVO, we rank the 10 best Little Mac players from the season to showcase their results and wins, and provide light on the Little Mac meta and t...

Cagt - July 23, 2017
[Lab Project] Exploring the use of Autocancel Neutral Air

Project no.21: Exploring the use of Autocancel Nair Provided by the Fox Discord Lab Team IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that there are hyperlinks to examples and demonstrations ...

Fox Lab Team - July 19, 2017
Smash 4 Character Matchup Data in One Easy Place

Last week we made an update that makes it easy to see the win percentages for each matchup in our VoD database. Each character now has a Matchups page which you can find a link to ... - July 19, 2017
Bayonetta: Subject of huge Controversy

Bayonetta is a top tier character in Smash4. Widely considered to be the best by many top players, she is currently tied with Diddy for the first place spot. Many players use her, ...

Dunban - July 16, 2017
Cloudhead Live: Real Smash 4 Rankings In Real Time, and an EVO Preview!

In a game as unpredictable as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, it's important to appreciate the few consistent things that the competitive scene has to offer. No matter which coach hel...

Cloudhead 😁✌️ - July 13, 2017
How to use Smash Forge for character hitbox/hurtbox and stage visualization

Smash Forge Tutorial & Set-Up Guide A lot of people have been asking me about visualization of hitboxes and hurtboxes on Smash Forge and I decided to make this guide so anyone...

Ruben - July 7, 2017
R.O.B. Tips/Tricks By SebPro101

Hi guys! I'm SebPro101. A 14 Year Old R.O.B. Player from Victoria, Australia. You most likely clicked this to see some R.O.B. tricks and tips that can optimize your R.O.B. From Aut...

SebPro101 - July 6, 2017
Let's Get PR'd! Your one stop shop for tips when it comes to getting ranked in your region

Hey! I'm Co-op, a diddy kong main from Louisiana who has been on the state PR for 4 or 5 seasons now and this post is where you can find what you need to know about getting PR'd. ...

Co-op - July 4, 2017
Unfazed: A Thorough Guide on Armor, Intangibility, and Invincibility.

         When I watch vods, I often hear commentators use the terms "Super Armor" or "invinciblity" pretty haphazardly during matches. Sure, these traits a...

Wood - June 23, 2017
Travel Log #1 - Comparison between México's and Chile's Smash Scenes (en Inglés y Español)

Hello! Im Phantom, a top player from Chile. Im currently in Mexico competing, so i decided to make this blog. The english versión is down here, after the spanish version. If...

Phantom - June 23, 2017
Getting the kill at the crucial moment- How to kill as Fox guide.

Introduction Knowing how to kill as Fox has been a long-term problem for Fox players at all kinds of levels, but it is most prominent at mid and low level play. A lot of people ...

[RiP] S-Critical - June 23, 2017
A Truly Complete Knowledge (Learning MUs properly)

The obvious can, and frequently does, escape us. Turns out the “obvious” isn’t quite as obvious as we like to say. We play MUs over and over -- even with potentia...

Vermanubis - June 17, 2017
Nerfs/Buffs in Smash 4: Kill %'s before and After

After getting hooked on the new smash 4 calculator, I decided to see just how much Cloud's 1% up air nerf really hurt him. When I saw how big of a difference it made, I decided to ...

Wood - June 16, 2017
Smash 4 - Ganondorf: Fair Showcase

Ganondorf's Fair is amazing at killing with an impressive arc hitbox. It also an amazing landing option that destroys full charge projectiles like Samus charge shot and Mewtwo...

MGK - June 13, 2017
EU Trip Wrap-Up

It's been a month and a half since I've been in Europe, but it's unfortunately time for me to go back to the US. For those who don't know: I've been in France since May 8th to vis...

Cagt - June 11, 2017
Landing Footstools

I am sure that everybody knows about footstools by now. They make some pretty cool combos possible. However, they do have another fantastic use when you aren't going for that Mega ...

Immortal - June 10, 2017
How to avoid Fox's Fair>Footstool guide (or at least decreasing the chances of getting hit by it)

I did this for a few guys in Corrin discord, but since the guide came out a little longer than expected, I thought I'd share it here for everyone who hates getting cheesed by Fox. ...

[RiP] S-Critical - June 8, 2017
Improving Twitch Chat Universally

Twitch chat—although it may infamous for containing some abysmal people—is not as awful as people may depict it to be. As tournament organizers, as casual viewers, and ...

Kirbyrocket - June 7, 2017
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