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Tumble Knock Down? A new Mechanic in Ultimate.

Disclaimer: This is not something I have seened officially confirmed, but as I see many talking about it and have seen a bit of it myself, I wanted to make people aware of it. &nb...

Dr. Robotnik - November 29, 2018
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Twitter hashtag aggregator

Hi friends! With character-specific labbing slowly taking off and the game releasing in a bit over a week, I've decided to set up a neat Discord server that serves as a tweet...

Hibiki (AT) - November 28, 2018
Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2: #41-50

The Wi-fi Warrior Rank is a top 50 ranking devoted to the online Smash 4 scene, a global community where hundreds, perhaps thousands of unique players throw down and sh...

Cloudhead - November 28, 2018
Yoshi - The Final Build and everything I've tested so far.

So I got to play 6 hours of ultimate last night. Learned a lot about yoshi and am going to list things here. A lot to remember but I’m going to try and not repeat stuff I&r...

Dr. Robotnik - November 27, 2018
Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2: Area 51

In any competition, there are players who just barely miss out on the main stage; however, this doesn't mean they're not incredibly skilled. In the Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2, the pla...

Cloudhead - November 26, 2018
Stagelists and Banning Procedures for Smash Ultimate (Pre-Release Version)

Abstract (i.e. TL;DR) There are an absolutely massive number of viable rulesets and stagelists for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Most options do not have an objectively best decisio...

Auride - November 23, 2018
Stage Election: A new voting based method for picking stages in competitive Super Smash Brothers.

Reddit: BLVolition Discord: BLVolition#7448   Stage Election A new voting based method for picking stages in competitive Super Smash Brothers.   Process: Rock, P...

Volition - November 22, 2018
Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2: The Final Online Smash 4 Ranking

At the beginning of 2018, the online community set out to create a definitive ranking for its very best players. Therefore, the Wi-fi Warrior Rank was born, and released in June ...

Cloudhead - November 22, 2018
Analysis of Stage Usage in Smash 4

"Hey, you wanna start on Smashville?" Smashville is frequently the stage chosen to begin Smash sets. It's so common that many people joke about the frequent usage. But is it real...

SSB World - November 21, 2018
Player One vs Player Two: Smash Data Analysis

You probably have that one friend, who insists on being Player One everytime you play a video game. Why is that? Do they know something you don't know? Is there an advantage to be...

SSB World - November 20, 2018
The Pokemon Trainer Field Guide

The Pokémon Trainer Field Guide Hello! I’m HL | Contrary and I’ve been a Sheik and Pokemon main for my entire Smash Bros career. This guide is all about ...

Contrary - November 20, 2018
Contrary's Stage List Concept

Given the variety of stages and the fact that the Hazard Toggle is somewhat easily accessible from stage selection (just press B), here is my proposed stage list. This style w...

Contrary - November 19, 2018
Something in Ultimate for TO's to consider regarding the usage of Pro Controllers in Doubles

Basically the problem is that the switch only has 3 usb ports. So, you have a double match with more than 2 pro controllers. What do you do?Obviously, at 2 pro controllers, even th...

Xuramaz - November 19, 2018
Win a SSB World Sticker + $10 Amazon Gift Card

We just got a few SSB World laptop stickers printed up, so we thought we'd give one away to a fan of the site. Win a SSB World sticker + $10 to Amazon ...

SSB World - November 19, 2018
Contrary's Format: SSBU Character Encyclopedia Layout

[Character Guide Name. Be creative!] [Insert Picture of Character] [Introduce yourself! You're doing something great for the Smash meta and your character's community] Once comp...

Contrary - November 13, 2018
Smash Ultimate Character Analysis: Chrom (Follow-Up And Why I'm No Longer Interested in Maining Him)

So this is a follow-up to the analysis of Chrom I made before (where I said he was definitely going to be better than Roy), however I figured I would make an update as to why I am ...

Jak8 - November 13, 2018
Observations 1: Smash Ultimate Metagame Predictions

With all of the new news about Smash Ultimate and the hype being generated, there are some small strategies that I believe will start taking place in the competitive metagame. Note...

Z2G - November 9, 2018
SmashConceptions: A Baseline for Learning in Ultimate

SmashConceptions: A Baseline for Learning in Ultimate...

Vermanubis - November 3, 2018
SmashConceptions: The Deeper Meaning of Winning

SmashConceptions: The Deeper Meaning of Winning...

Vermanubis - October 13, 2018
SmashConceptions: Grinding Gets You Nowhere

SmashConceptions: Grinding Gets You Nowhere...

Vermanubis - October 12, 2018

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