Wi-fi Warrior Rank v3: #41-50

Cloudhead - July 16, 2019

The Wi-fi Warrior Rank v3 is a top 50 ranking devoted to the online Ultimate scene, a global community where thousands of unique players face off and show their skills every day. For the v3! Read here for more information on the WWRv3, here to see the tournaments that comprise it, and join the Wi-fi Warrior Rank discord to stay updated on its release.

The top 50 will be unveiled in groups of 10 every other day starting on Tuesday, July 16th. Stay tuned to SSBWorld.com to make sure you don’t miss any of the reveals!

  • #41-50: Tue, July 16
  • #31-40: Thu, July 18
  • #21-30: Mon, July 22
  • #11-20: Wed, July 24
  • #1-10: Fri, July 26




Kicking off the WWRv3 is Carvia, an excellent player who’s no stranger to our rankings. He made his biggest case for the top 50 before the first weekend of 2019; his 7th place at SL Christmas Special and 9th at Ultimate Naifu Wars #2 came at the first two events of the season. His hot streak cooled off toward the end of the season, but he still scored top 32 finishes at a handful of A-tiers, and finished the season with wins on Salty, Uncivil Ninja, Xsage93, and more. A respected veteran playing a perenially strong character, Carvia is not to be taken lightly as he thunders through the bracket.



Shocking for all the right reasons, Sylver makes his WWR debut this season at #49. Trading Link’s arsenal for Pichu’s electricity, he thundered into the Ultimate scene at A-tier ECLIPSE: Pokémon Edition. He staged a massive upset over Sparg0 and subsequently bested BattlePuP, scoring 5th place for his first WWR result of the year, and closed out the season with several respectable top 32 finishes at Naifu events. One of the handful of EU reps still in the WWR conversation, he’s primed to keep making France proud in the future, one Thunder Jolt at a time.



Okay okay okay okay, wait. Hold on a second. Cloudhead usually writes these paragraphs, but I have come to make an announcement. This man needs to be stopped; this ‘best’ taco propaganda should not be heard! So selfish to just CLAIM yourself as the Best Taco without even running the set! Sure, he has some FANCY wins like Pokelam and Rax, better results, a sponsor… 2nd place at B-tier TR Civil War… And I mean sure he may have a better haircut, and there’s a possibility he may have stole my girl… but none of this matters! I am the real ‘Best Taco’ and I will prove it to you through the power of button mashing on WiFi. Just you wait, nerds, I’m on the way.

Tacos has now been locked out of the Google doc. Won’t happen again. -Cloudhead



Xsage93 paraglides into the #47 spot after a rock-solid season. He achieved results at high-tiered tournaments across the board, peaking at 9th place at both UNW: Road to CEO #1 and SCSC Stage 1. His prolific showings at tournaments earned him wins on players such as Epic_Gabriel, Gen, Vendetta, and more. Despite narrowly missing out on top 8 at a WWR event, Xsage’s consistency bodes well for him as he looks to keep rising up the ranks in the future. If he’s in your path to top 32, don’t count on an easy fight; his track record says he’ll be the one getting there.



Making his first WWR appearance at #46, Jakamu is one of the most feared names in the online scene. A devastating ZSS main since the Smash 4 days, his season kicked off when he made top 16 at Ultimate Naifu Wars #2, the first S-tier of the year. Holding steady with more high placings later in the season, he kicked away names like Kenryck, MarkTheSDKing, and Pokelam on the way to his electrifying placings. A feared and well-respected name as his high X-factor would suggest, Jakamu is a guaranteed threat at any tournament he attends, and should soar up the rankings as long as he keeps showing up.



Another veteran Link player on the rankings, LNIM drew his blade this season and landed at 45th. He barely qualified with the minimum of 3 WWR tournament results, but did he ever make them count - 4th, 5th, and 5th at three A-tiers is about as good as you can get. Wins on Epic_Gabriel, Jakamu, and Middy support his bracket runs and further prove his skill level far exceeds his ranking. As long as he keeps up results like these, any increase in attendance next season will mean a surefire rise in the ranks. Don’t find yourself on the wrong end of LNIM’s blade; he’ll go wild until your final breath.



Another player making the best of few results, PenguinFluff warps onto the WWR at the #44 spot. He felled LordMix, MarkTheSDKing, and Salty en route to a 5th place finish at the monster JMSF #2, just a month after taking silver at its B-tier first edition. His win rates, while also pulling from a small sample size, point to a monster waiting to be unleashed on bracket. (I’d have to check, but I doubt you’ll see “100%” anywhere else on these graphics.) The perfect combination of top talent and top tier, don’t get caught slipping against PenguinFluff, or he’ll be sure to put you on ice.



Based on his name, you’d think he was one of those toxic Wi-fi Links people complain about - but Poison’s skill is far beyond anything you’d lose to on quickplay. His most impressive result came at B-tier SL Monthly #17, where he took 4th place. After losing to Sparg0 in pools winners’ side, he stormed back to top 8 losers, where he cut down Middy and got the runback on Sparg0 in two resounding 3-0 victories. Not many players can say they’ve got back-to-back wins on such great players, much less sweeps. It remains to be seen if he can repeat these runs in the next season, but one thing’s for sure; don’t sleep on Poison, no matter how high you’re seeded.



A returnee from our first WWR in Smash 4, Jade came back to clown the competition this season. She was one of the beneficiaries of Naifu Wars’ newfound inclusion on the rankings, as all but one of her WWR results came at their events; including 13th place at S-tier UNW 2 and a top 8 showing at Road to CEO #1. Jade is a veteran of unconventional characters, but she’s just as familiar with consistent success. There’s no such thing as tiers when fighting her; only tears.



Making Ireland’s first ever appearance on the ranking, BattlePuP put his country on the map this season and took hold of #41 on the WWRv3. Top 8 showings at Revival Of Smash Station 4 and TR: Civil War, both B-tiers, helped him explode onto the scene. Throughout the season, he took several high-profile wins, ousting Epic_Gabriel, Middy, and Best Taco while going even against the top 50 as a whole. Bringing a new flag to the nations represented by the WWR, BattlePuP is a name to look out for in the future as he keeps improving and making Ireland Smash proud.



Congratulations to all the players who made it on today! We'll be back to reveal #31-40 this Thursday at 3 PM EDT. Hope to see you all there!

-WWR Team

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