Wi-fi Warrior Rank v3: Area 51

Cloudhead - July 15, 2019

Welcome to the first reveal of the Wi-fi Warrior Rank v3! The WWR is a biannual ranking made to list the top 50 players in online tournament play, aka the most prestigious and well-respected method of Smash Ultimate competition in the world. However, in any ranking, there are always players who just barely miss the final cut; despite being incredibly skilled in their own right, we can only have fifty players on our official rankings. Nevertheless, these players still deserve a mention - and that's why we're bringing you our honorable mentions today! Without further ado, here is the WWRv3 Area 51! (Shoutout to PGStats for not suing us for stealing that name. Yet.)

NOTE: Every player in the Area 51 section is considered tied for 51st, so the following players are listed alphabetically.



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You don’t need future vision to predict the success of FuerzaDON, long considered one of the best Shulk players in the online scene. 13th place finishes at TLT: Blank Saga and UNW: Road to CEO #2 headline his record, over which he was able to score wins on Beastly, Horse, Joxon, and more. In the future, FuerzaDON has the potential to reach and surpass his 37th place finish on the first WWR; like many players in the lower range of the ranking, consistent appearances will be key. No matter his standing, though, it’s well known that this player is a force to be reckoned with.



Steady throughout the season as his name would suggest, NotOffTempo and his Snake lit up the online scene. He made his first waves by nabbing 3rd place at the B-tier JMSF #1, following it up with silver at SL Monthly #18 and finishing the season with more quietly solid showings. Over the course of these events, he earned high-profile wins on players such as enhancedpv, Joxon, and Salty. Despite his outstanding record, he is the only player on the WWR or Area 51 who didn’t receive points from an A-tier tournament or higher, hindering his final standing somewhat. Nevertheless, this Area 51 debut should be a sign of things to come, as NotOffTempo is all but guaranteed to pick up the pace in the future.



A solo Roy main making Area 51 of the WWRv3? Ha! That’s rich. Not as in hard to believe - as in RichMrFork, making his WWR debut this season as an honorable mention. His season was filled with results at high-tiered tournaments; including 5th place at TVS: Kenryck Series and 17th at JMSF #2, the latter standing as the season’s biggest event. RichMrFork is almost always a lock for a solid performance in bracket, and he’s got a penchant for doing even better, too. There’s no challenge too big for Fork to take a stab at; when the stakes are high, he’ll dig right in.



The high-flying Falcon Soki stuck to his guns and punched into to Area 51 this season. Staying with his signature character despite nerfs leading many to drop him, he quietly accumulated solid results and wins throughout much of the season. It all came to a fiery peak on the last day of the season, when he scored a scorching 2nd place at TR x Eclipse: World of Light; he took sets from Salty, Rinku, and Svpifd before dropping two hard-fought grand finals sets against the latter. One of the most thrilling players to watch in the online scene, Soki is sure to put on a show wherever he goes - no nerf can clip his wings.



Though he’s no longer the youngest player on the rankings, Zomba is still as deadly a swordsman as they come. New character choices in Roy and Link helped him to standout results such as 5th place at Nh Raven’s Smash for Cash, during which he took down top threats like Hydra, MarkTheSDKing, and Middy. Trading time online for growing recognition in Staten Island and Tristate at large, it remains to be seen if he’ll score a fourth straight WWR mention; but his results this season prove he’s got the juice to do it.


Our WWR reveals will continue tomorrow as we bring you the first ten members of our top 50! Stay tuned in the WWR discord to make sure you hear about it. We'll see you then!

  • #41-50: Tue, July 16
  • #31-40: Thu, July 18
  • #21-30: Mon, July 22
  • #11-20: Wed, July 24
  • #1-10: Fri, July 26

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