Corrin Kill % Compendium (or: making good use of the Sm4sh Calculator)

Hibiki (AT) - June 1, 2017

Hi friends!

Today I want to share something I've been working on for the past couple of days, a Google Sheet containing all kill % for Corrin, on all legal stages, for 3 different rage levels, assuming perfect (or near perfect in some cases) opponent DI.

You can find the sheet here

This was created using Ruben's Sm4sh Calculator, I even checked back with him several times to ensure accuracy as much as possible.

As you can read on the info page, these values should all be accurate, although slight variations exist, especially for other stage tabs and rage %, as these are mostly calculated using calculations made with the other calculations (confusing, I know), but I made sure to always cross-check with the actual calculator to ensure that deviations stay in the 1%-2% range.

I hope to set a bit of a precedent here, as the calculator is an amazing resource and many other characters can benefit from something like this.


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