Rosa beats Diddy.

Cockchopz - June 6, 2017

Question, if Rosa is crouching, what is Diddy going to do in neutral?

Banana is non-existent here because it does not send luma into tumble, diddy can't SH fair because Rosa is crouching (if you didn't know, you can duck under Diddy's SH fair, only three characters in the game can't and they are Ganon, Bowser and DK. Characters like Pikachu and Mario are naturally small so their idle stance makes it whiff entirely), and Diddy can not D-tilt for two reasons.

One, when Luma just spawns back his D-tilt doesn't send it into tumble, and two, it's Luma. If Diddy gets that close that's a free jab, star bits, whatever Rosas do for a punish. Also grab is not a factor because Diddy's grab range is not that amazing, plus the fact that all characters dash grabs have less range than their standing grab. PLUS, Diddy has the fifth worst airspeed out of the whole cast.

Meaning, if you are in your running animation and you jump, you can see Diddy is severely less fast in the air rather than the ground. A great example of good ground speed and great airspeed is Roy. When you dash and SH with Roy it feels fluid and quick. ON TOP of a slow airspeed his SH is very high. So when Diddy is SH'ing in front of you, he has to come down with an aerial(like fair or bair) because like I stated above more than ninety percent of the cast can duck it. 

And for the people that know their frames and data, if diddy does falling fair and splats on the ground since it doesn't auto cancel, he has 26 FRAMES OF LANDING LAG. Want to know the only thing Diddy has to get in to beat Rosa's crouch? Monkey flip, and kick specifically. However, it comes out on frame 20 and has a big yellow/blue spark on its startup to indicate it. Rosa can easily react to it and up tilt or up smash as he's flying in. 

So I ask, with all this information why aren't Rosa's crouching more against Diddy?

SSB World Editor Resource Link: Diddy Kong vs Rosa matchup VODs

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