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Cagt - June 11, 2017

It's been a month and a half since I've been in Europe, but it's unfortunately time for me to go back to the US.

For those who don't know: I've been in France since May 8th to visit family, childhood friends, and of course: exploring the local scene. I wasn't able to see every possible EU smash scene unfortunately (only France and UK), but I had an absolute blast here.

I may live in Boston and am known as a New England player, but I am born and raised in Paris (moved to Boston when I was 9). I've gone back every summer to see my brother and friends, but wasn't able to go back the year I started competitive Smash. So this trip meant a lot to me, as it was more than just a return home ("Retour au bercail" as we like to say in French).

While here, I went to a total of 10 tournaments:

- 3 LRAStart Weeklies (Season 2 Episode 6-8)
- 5 Neokan Weeklies (#11-15)
- 1 DAT Monday Meltdown Weekly (#86 - UK Weekly)
- S.A.L.T (Salty Arena Legendary Tournament - A European "Major")

Placed anywhere between 9th and 2nd at the weeklies and 25th at S.A.L.T. Very happy to have had a consistent showing overseas, definitely improved a great amount as well.

On top of that, I had an absolute blast meeting the French scene and playing with everyone. Very welcoming community and full of amazing talent that is slept on within Europe and the world. I always felt like Europe was slept on, and watching FR weeklies always made me want to meet the local scene. I'm more than happy that I did now.

I could write a long list of shoutouts, but instead I'd rather give you guys a quick overview of the French scene:

The majority of the players & top talent are located in/near Paris, with a few heads spread around France. If you're looking to follow the heart of the scene, watch LRAStart and Neokan. The former is a bi-weekly held every other Tuesday at the RESET bar, hoted by Pix'L Asso. The latter is a weekly held every Friday by Ntai_kei. Social Media/Streams can be found here:

- @AssoPixL

- @Ntai_kei
- @SSAthiis
- @Kido_Smasher
- @Ouaryz

But what about the players themselves? Who're the top players, hidden bosses, etc?

Currently, the three titans of France are Glutonny (@GlutonnySSB), Griffith (unK_Griffith), and Elexiao (@RealElex). All amazing players that have been around since the Brawl days that continue to dominate the FR scene and place high in Europe as well.

After that, there's a plethora of amazing players in France that deserve more recognition:

- Greil (@GreilSSB) - One of the best Marios in Europe
- Homika (@Homika_FR) - One of the best Rosalinas in Europe
- TheFlow (@Med_TheFlow) - Top level Roy worldwide
- ZHT & Kadaj (@Lucas_ZHT & @Kadaj_Smash) - Two ZSS players neck to neck in France and slowly taking names in Europe
- Tag (@HugoTAGLIERO) - Best Luigi in France
- Fire (@Fire_Zard) - Top level Charizard worldwide
- Anragon (@Anragon_) - Top level Falco worldwide
- Ogey (@OgeyR) - One of of the best Falcons in Europe

Of course there's a lot more players I could mention, but I'll just leave you with the French PR instead (will be updated very soon though):

I also want to give a big shoutout to the UK community - I may have only hung out with you guys for a few days, but I absolutely loved my time there. If you want to check out their tournaments and such, join the SmashUK group on Facebook! Some of their top players include:

- Ixis (@LordNaugus) - Top level Sonic worldwide
- AfroSmash (@TheAfroSmash) - Top level Samus and memer worldwide
- J.Miller (@ItisJMiller) - Top level Luigi worldwide
- Aperture (@aperturesonic) - Amazing Sonic player who just took out Tweek and ANTi at Nairo Saga
- SilentDoom (@SilentDo0m) - Amazing Charizard player and commentator

You can find the current UK Power Rankings for both Smash 4 and Melee here:  

I'll be back for sure next summer, but until then I doubt I'll be able to make a stop by Europe again (maybe in December for Christmas, but no promises). I'll definitely miss everyone, but that doesn't mean I won't still be watching all the weeklies and chat with everyone in the discord!

Until then: take care Europe <3
~Cagt (@Cagt3000)

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