Smash 4 - Ganondorf: Fair Showcase

MGK - June 13, 2017

Ganondorf's Fair is amazing at killing with an impressive arc hitbox. It also an amazing landing option that destroys full charge projectiles like Samus charge shot and Mewtwo's Shadow ball.

Everything you need to know about Ganondorf's Fair is in this Video:

Areas I cover:

1. Overview - 0:06
2. Stage Usages - 1:52
3. Combos and Mix ups - 2:54
4. Ledge Guarding - 4:30
5. Edge Guarding - 4:57
6. Against Projectiles - 5:26

Key aspects of Ganondorf's Fair

  • A very important landing option against shields / Projectiles
  • Great shield damaga
  • Can be B-Cancelled from a full hop
  • Down Throw > Fair at the ledge is a Combo with inward DI
  • Amazing Arc

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Thank you.

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