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Let's Get PR'd! Your one stop shop for tips when it comes to getting ranked in your region

Co-op - July 4, 2017


I'm Co-op, a diddy kong main from Louisiana who has been on the state PR for 4 or 5 seasons now and this post is where you can find what you need to know about getting PR'd.

This post will just mostly be a link to the playlist of videos in which I discuss different aspects of playing Smash bros competitively that I think you need to review if you want to level up enough to be one of the best in your area.

Video #1 focuses on character selection when thinking about your main, overcoming your character's weakness and playing to their strengths. Even if you are dead set with your main, this video gives a nice refresser to make sure you know everything when it comes to picking a character.


Video #2 talks about aspects of your own play that you can work on, topics such as adaptation and anaylsis to working on auto piloting.


Video #3 speaks volumes about understanding the choices that your opponent makes through the game and what you can start to think about during sets and where you can capitalize the most.

Lastly, Video #4: Miscellaneous 

Anything I found to be important when it comes to adapting/winning/getting better at the game is included in this final video. Once you've taken a look at all of these videos, I believe you have all the tools you need to improve your play to get power ranked in your region.

Thanks for checking out the videos!

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