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SebPro101 - July 6, 2017
Hi guys! I'm SebPro101. A 14 Year Old R.O.B. Player from Victoria, Australia. You most likely clicked this to see some R.O.B. tricks and tips that can optimize your R.O.B. From Auto Cancels to Gyro Canceling, maybe even some cool combos at the end. Feel Free to contact me on Twitter if you need any further R.O.B. help.
Item Tricks:
B Reversing:
To B reverse all you have to do if move the control stick right after you imput the move, but with down b it's harder, you would have to move the control stick slightly left or slight right from the bottom or it would roll. Hard to explain but you will get used to it. 
Z Dropping: (in the air):
You cannot use an aerial while holding an item right? It's true but there is a trick to get around this. While you are holding the item move the control stick to the idle position and click your grab button and as soon as you do imput the aerial you want to do and it will regrab the gyro, cool right?
Jump Cancel Item Toss:
Jump cancel item tossing is throwing the item in the standing position after a dash, all you have to do it jump and click the direction you want to throw it and A very quickly, why would you want to this? Well, R.O.B.'s standing Grab is much faster, and can start some combos.
Wave bouncing is hard to explain, so in the air when jumping forward imput down b while b reversing it backwards then put the control stick forward, MySmashCorner has a guide to this and has a visual explanation so be sure to check them out right here.
Auto Cancels:
Neutral Air:
Nair is super easy to auto cancel! Just short hop and nair when you lift off the group. Really good to space out opponents because of the massive hitbox of nair. Which can then combo into a footstool or a fair depending on which hitbox you get.
Neutral Air Auto Cancel
Forward Air:
Fair is a bit harder to auto cancel, you can use fair at the peak of a full hop and by the time you hit the ground you will be on the right frame/s to AC.
Forward Air Auto Cancel
Back Air: 
Bair is easy to auto cancel but doesn't have many good situations to use. I can be used to move around a bit quicker and trick the opponent of where you are going. To AC bair you just short hop and imput back air as soon as you leave the ground.
Back Air Auto Cancel
Up Air:
Up air is ok to do after you get the hang of it, when you reach the peak of a full hop you can then imput up air and let yourself fall, for me personally I would never use up air near the ground unless I do a certain thing that I will talk about later.
Up Air Auto Cancel
Down Air:
Down Air is pretty simple, just full hop and at the peak of it use down Air, pretty good near the ledge.
Down Air Auto Cancel
Stage-Specific Techniques
For these stage-specific suicides, you will need to be a stock ahead, since the player that performed the up throw loses their stock first.
On Smashville you can go onto the platform and have an opponent grabbed and suicide with them if the platform moves away while you up throw offstage. Harder to explain but here is a photo.v suicidev
Town and City: 
This is basically the same thing as Smashville, upthrow while the platforms are moving away. More situational but can help at certain times. 
 Town and City Suicide
Lylat Cruise:
You can up throw; and suicide when the stage is tilting, also if you up throw on a platform and hit the edge while it's moving it edge cancels.
Dream Land (64):
On Dreamland you can, you guessed it, suicide using up throw when whispy windbox is active. Just a tip, whispy will blow on the side of him that has both players, or a random side when they are both on other sides of whispy.
Suicide On Any Stage In Doubles.
In doubles if you up throw near the ledge your teammate can walk into you and you fall past the stage due to collisions, even better use a character that has a wind box like Ness or Mario.
R.O.B. Tech:
Gyro Ledge Trap:
This isn't really a R.O.B. Tech but is really good. When someone is recovering and you have a gyro in hand you can throw the gyro down on the ledge facing towards center stage and you can cover the roll option with an upsmash, if they standing getup they will be hit into the up smash, if the jump they will get hit into the upsmash, if they will they will get hit by the upsmash, if they stay on ledge they will be stage spiked by gyro and if they jump down and recover again you can Dair them into death. (I had a photo of me doing this in bracket but the set hasn't been uploaded yet, will add it when it is)
Saving Up B: 
R.O.B.'s Up B lasts along time, but why not make it last longer. What I do is once I start up b move my control stick completely left or right and mash special, you may have seen CPUs do this before but is so much quicker. You can also use up b and fair right away and up b fair, which can help but not as much as the first option.
Gyro Canceling:
Easy Method:
Gyro canceling is a cool technique which I'm pretty sure was in brawl to some extent. For the easy way just hold shield after a move and imput down b, reversing it can flip momentum while Canceling gyro which is really good and can trick opponents and get into their heads.
Hard(er) Method:
For this it's much simpler, in the air use down b and reverse it and click Grab/Shield at the same time, very weird timing but you will get used to it, I promise!
Down B Canceling:
You can imput a move right out of charging your gyro, the imputs are while down b is charging, click up tilt/up smash/down tilt/downsmash and then imput shield, also a weird timing but you will get it down. You can use this to imput d tilt or uptilt quicker out of a dash, I will link a visual guide to this made by a difference creator. Right Here
Untechable Down Tilt: 
At about 105-120 on most characters down tilt will have a chance to have the untechable spin which is true into up smash! Keep an eye out for this if you Land one at high percents!
Jab locks:
All tested on Mario without rage
Back Throw To D Tilt starting at 6%
Fair To D Tilt stating at 53%
AC Nair to Footstool To Tip of Dair
JC Gyro Toss to F Tilt at 35-45%
These are the ones I use often but lots of others work
Here are moves that can lock opponents, 
Fair until about 20%
Soft Gyro until ???
DTilt Until 75%
Tip of Dair until 50%
First hits of up air until 60%
Down Throw To Up Air (Beep Boop)
Does 20% and becomes a 50/50 at higher percents.
Nair to Fair
13% with SourSpot Nair or 15% With Sweetspot Nair
Z Drop Nair to Z Drop Hit to Regrab Nair to Item Toss forward to fair.....
Does 35%
R.O.B.'s combos can go far, Gyro is an amazing tool that can help start and extend combos, use your imagination!.
Thank You guys for reading, If you would like to follow me on twitter it is @SebPro101 , YouTube is SebPro101 YT, Snapchat is SebPro101 and my discord changes but is something with SebPro101. Feel free to contact me, I love a chat! Thank you again :)

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