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Bayonetta: Subject of huge Controversy

Dunban - July 16, 2017

Bayonetta is a top tier character in Smash4. Widely considered to be the best by many top players, she is currently tied with Diddy for the first place spot. Many players use her, including me. With that comes a lot of hate, generally to the player. Some players even advocate for her to be banned. The Umbra Witch is a bait and punish combo character. Her combo game is one of the best, if not the best in Smash4. Not only can she easily rack up damage quickly with her stylish combos, she can even kill at very early percents if the other player is not careful. However, one her best and most scary tools is Witch Time. Witch Time is a counter that slows down time if activated, leaving the other player open to a barage of attacks. This can easily take stocks at any percent. Many players consider this to be the best move in the game, some go as far as to say is is too broken. One slip up in the neutral can spell out for a major loss if you are not careful. This is why many people have disdain for Bayonetta- she is hard to fight against if you do not know the matchup. If you are too predictable, Witch Time becomes a huge threat. If you don't Smash DI juuust right, you can get carried off the top. If you overextend, prepare to eat a long combo string filled with aerials and specials alike. A good friend of mine, CTQ, another Bayonetta main, made a great blog as how to hold your own against Bayonetta and even strike back with just as much force. That blog may be found here. However, players could also hate her because she is "boring to watch", "bad for the metagame", "the people who play her are [deogratory term]". Or players could simply have had a bad expierence with her, as she is known for her salt inducing playstyle. That begs the question, is hate for Bayonetta players warranted? For this, we'll take a player called CaptainZack as an example. Using sources from an article I read awhile back, we'll judge it. He is widely regarded as the best Bayonetta, being 7th on the current PGR and having big wins over top players, even placing top 8 at 2GGC Saga: Civil War, the biggest (or most hyped) Smash4 tournament to date. Known for his flashy combos, his Bayonetta dances and "cocky" personality. A lot of players hate the 15 year old, likewise a lot love him as a player (me included). Most of the hate he gets is due to his character choice, Bayonetta. Most of that hate, in my eyes, seems to be unwarranted. The hate for his yet again "cocky" persona stems from his dancing and taunting. However, despise him or adore him, he's a highly skilled, talented player and he is here to stay.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts, if you have any suggestions as to the subject of my next blog, feel free to comment!

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