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Smash 4 Character Matchup Data in One Easy Place

SSB World - July 19, 2017

Last week we made an update that makes it easy to see the win percentages for each matchup in our VoD database. Each character now has a Matchups page which you can find a link to on the individual character page.

Here is an example with Bowser. Simply click the "View All Matchups" link to see how that character performs against every other character. 

Desktop Screenshot

Mobile Screenshot

Once you click that, you will be taken to the full matchup spread page for that character. On the top, you are likely to see some crazy percentages for matchups that have between 1 and 15 total games. Here is Bowser's matchup page.

Does Bowser win 100% of the time against Dr. Mario or have a 7:3 spread against Pikachu? Of course not, but at this time, that is the data in our dataset. A few new uploads could change those numbers dramatically.

You want to scroll down a bit to start to find the more reliable data. Look for matchups with 50+ games to get a more reliable feel how matchups trend in general competitve play. For this Bowser example, there are actually only a handful of other characters who he has played 50+ times against. You will find much better numbers when comparing two of the most used characters against each other.

When you look at Mario's matchups, you can find data on 400-500 games against other top characters such as Diddy Kong, Cloud and Bayonetta.

When on the matchups page, simply click on another character image to see their head to head games. In the image above from the Bowser Matchups page, if I click on Kirby, I'm taken to the Bowser vs Kirby page.

These new pages should make it very convenient for you to get data on your favorite characters and their matchups. As a reminder, this is just data collected off VoDs and you have to remember that player skill is more important than character advantages. Use this data for fun and to help form your insights on general competitive play.

Thanks for being a part of the SSB World community. We welcome your ideas and feedback below in the comments. 

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