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Mac Nation Power Ranking v3

Cagt - July 23, 2017

Two times a year, after Genesis and EVO, we rank the 10 best Little Mac players from the season to showcase their results and wins, and provide light on the Little Mac meta and those who lead the pack.

All results and wins from the Version 3 of this ranking occured between January 23rd 2017 and July 17th 2017. Starting tomorrow, two PR players will be revealed everyday along with a bio describing the players, their personality, playstyles, wins and results.

Countless hours of research and discussions were made to provide the most objective ranking possible. Enjoy!

JULY 24th: Mac Nation PR #10-9
JULY 25th: Mac Nation PR #8-7
JULY 26th: Mac Nation PR #6-5
JULY 27th: Mac Nation PR #4-3
JULY 28th: Mac Nation PR #2-1

- Cyrus "Cagt" Gharakhanian


Noble | Sol

As per his request made on social media, Jon "Sol" Lackey will not be ranked on this new iteration of the Mac Nation PR, as he has asked to be omitted from any and all Power Ranking, whether it'd be local, regional, national, or international. We respect his decision and wish him the best for the next season.

TEG | Alphicans

Additionally, Luke "Alphicans" Aronyk will not be ranked on this season's Mac Nation PR either, as he has privately requested to not be present on the ranking. We wish him the best for the coming season.


Widely regarded as one of the top Little Macs in Europe, Arttu "ZartZu" Kangasniemi makes his first appearance on the Mac Nation PR from Seinäjoki, Finland. The Finnish native is renowned for his aggressive and heavy read-based playstyle. ZartZu had his peak performance when he made Top 16 at Beast 7, placing 13th at one of the largest annual international Super Smash Bros. tournaments held in Europe, where he beat LoNg0uw and SirShyGuy, top German and Denmark players, respectively. Additionally, he placed 65th at an A-tier event, 2GGC: ARMS Saga, where he defeated pu55yk1ng in the ditto.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

Hailing from Kanto, Japan, bt.yamato also makes his first appearance on the Mac Nation PR. With a tactful, calculated style of play and known in Japan for being a high-level Little Mac, he finally made his first international debut outside of Japan at S-tier event Evo 2017, placing 97th, where he defeated one of France’s top talents, Kesa. bt.yamato also placed 97th at A-tier event Umebura Japan Major. He has other notable wins this season on the likes of Nietono, Kuro, Paru, and Ke-Ya.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

A veteran of the Mac Nation PR, the Swiss boxer enters the ring yet again. Widely recognized and respected in Europe for his patient, methodical play, Destan "Destany" Huynh has displayed consistency over the seasons, netting solid placements and wins during each iteration of the Mac Nation PR. He placed 2nd at the conclusion of Switzerland’s mega-regional SNL (Swiss Nintendo League) 2016, where he defeated Zudenka in the process. He also placed 13th at Icarus III, a big Italian tournament series, where he defeated Lanz, a top Italian Sm4sher. His other notable wins this season include top Swiss player Smuff, as well as top French talents Griffith and Homika.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

Recognized for his spacing and movement-based play, New England’s premiere Little Mac, Cyrus "Cagt" Gharakhanian, makes another return this season. With French, Iranian, and Armenian roots, this hard-working international bruiser from the Bronx has made a name for himself all over, from the United States to France. His win pedigree sports the likes of top French talent Griffith, to victories on New England’s ranked player Ntarps, Central Florida’s Kiki, and top Massachusetts’s talents Hazmatt and MattyG.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

Widely known for having some of the most impressive, complex tech skill and movement out of any Little Mac player, Central Florida’s Adolfo "Duffo" Bernabe swings his way in for another season of the Mac Nation PR. Duffo’s highlights this season include a solid 65th placement at S-tier CEO 2017, a win on Nick Riddle, and a 7th place finish at South Florida’s stacked monthly TGL 15, where he claimed wins on Child, Xaltis, and Blank.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

A newcomer with dramatic improvement this season, SoCal’s Jonathan "Metalriff6" Jimenez breaks Top 5 of the Mac Nation PR this season. He is known for his precise spacing and for possessing some of the best perfect pivot game in the business. In addition to a solid 33rd placement at A-tier 2GGC: ARMS Saga, he has coveted wins on the ranks of K9sbruce, Zenyou, Mr. ConCon, Scizor, SM, and more.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

Notorious for his controversial gamer tag, the legendary Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha returns to claim his throne as a top Little mac yet again. Renowned for his patient, defensive play style, he has had some of the most consistency out of any Mac this season. His notable placements include 97th at S-tier 2GGC: Civil War where he beat JJRockets, 65th at S-tier Nairo Saga, and 49th at A-tier CEO Dreamland. His other notable wins this season include AC, Luhtie, IC, Ross, and more!

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, North Carolina’s Jared "LazyBoredom" Hubbard makes it on the Mac Nation PR for the first time. LazyBoredom has truly earned his spot in the Top 3, defying his naysayers. Known for his tactical aggression and pressure-based style of play, he has had some of the most consistent and elite placements out of any Little Mac this season. His notable placements include his peak 13th placement at A-tier MomoCon 2017 where he defeated Captain Zack, Hyper Kirby, and Player-1, 33rd at A-tier Royal Flush, and 17th at A-tier 2GGC: ARMS Saga where he beat Xzax.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

By far one of the most underrated Little Macs in existence, Andre "WonderBread" Parrales super armors his way in as a newcomer to this season’s ranking! Recognized for his intelligent, calculated play, he has shown impressive consistency this season, with 65th at S-tier 2GGC: Civil War where he defeated Captain L, 65th at S-tier Evo 2017 where he beat Captain Zack, and another 65th placement at S-tier CEO. His other notable wins include Day, Sol, Rogue Penguin, and more.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha

Anthony "Vash" Martinez stampedes his way to the very top spot this season and dethrones Sol as the best Little Mac worldwide for the first time in Sm4sh history! Some defining characteristics of Las Vegas’ premiere Little Mac is his often risky, aggressive, and pressure-based play style, as well as his ability to identify his opponent’s bad habits and successfully commit to hard reads. Vash’s notable placement this season was 97th at S-tier 2GGC: Civil War. Additionally, he netted wins on the likes of Nietono, Edge, Rain, FOW, JK, and more.

- Eman "pu55yk1ng" Baha


// (Hero)

The WiFi legend from Japan makes an appearance on the Mac Nation Power Ranking v3! // made his first offline appearance at Umebura 27, where he defeated Nietono in pools. While that may be his only offline performance, his promising debut in conjunction with his impressive online record makes him more than deserving of a mention, and we are extremely excited to see what // can bring to the table next season and on!

- Cyrus "Cagt" Gharakhanian


And that concludes the Mac Nation Power Ranking v3! Thank you to everyone for all the support you've shown us! The next version of the Mac Nation PR will be released after Genesis 5, so make sure to keep an eye out then.


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Literal Bacon - July 24, 2017
Umebura wasn't an S tier.
PandaKen - July 24, 2017

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