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Let's Run a Tournament! Tips on everything you need to know about TOing for Smash

Co-op - July 23, 2017


I'm back with another youtube series, this one focusing not on playing the game, but running the tournaments we all love.

Like last time, this post will be mostly be a link to the playlist of videos with short descriptions about each video so that if you are looking for specific tips about TOing you can find them as quickly as possible. I still recommend that you watch all of them if you have any questions or uncertainties about running tournaments. 

#1: Basics Before a Tourney

This first video talks about how to handle most things before a tournament has started, mainly concerning venue and how to run a bracket efficiently. 


#2: Being Assertive/Fixing Mistakes 

This video talks about being just the right amount of assertiveness to keep a tournament moving without either scaring someone off or not being assertive enough, along with how to fix your mistakes that everyone makes.


#3: Miscellaneous

The final video in the series covers basically everything thing else to wrap up TOing events and the problems you could run into. 


I hope you all enjoy this series and learn a little something to either help you get better at TOing or how to see/appreciate what TOs do in a different light.

Next up is Doubles!

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