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Staying Positive in an Uncertain Game

MintyGuy700 - August 24, 2017

Hey howdy, this is MintyGuy700, a solo Link main from Minnesota. I am not known for much, but those who know me well know I have a generally good mindset, a feat that others struggle with. I understand it, you got hit with a Mario combo that should not have worked, or a player you know is worse than you is up a stock on you. It is frustrating. However, no matter how much of that is true, you can overlook these thoughts and continue playing at your non-tilted level. As proceeds are some ways to rid your mind of negative thoughts and continue kicking ass!


  • Tell yourself you can!

One simple way of supporting yourself is simply to believe. It does not matter if your opponent is a local threat or one of the best players in the world. Telling yourself your chances are slim does nothing good to you or your chances. Sinnyboo242 puts it well in this Tweet.  You will never play at your peak if you play in constant fear. "I hope I can win" and "I will win" makes a world of difference.

  • Do not take your losses personally!

A good amount of players associate their own self-worth with how well they do in tournament. Whether it be consciously or not. Let it be known that you are not a worse person because you have not taken out your bracket demon on your thirteenth try. You will not lose friends if you go 0-2 tomorrow, so do not play that way. This leads into my third point...

  • Remember you are playing a children's party game!

As competitive as this game gets, remember that is just that: a game! It is not perfect, and it need not be. Sometimes your loss may come down to what the game decides. It is not your fault. Know that and be willing to accept that.

  • Move on!

Let's say your opponent does something nifty. Styles on you, 0-deaths you, etc. Part of you may want to fixate on that. Be cautious not to. You risk not paying attention to what happens next. Acknowledge that you got styled on, bodied, etc. and know that you can still turn it around.

  • If all else fails, put on a grin!

 Ever heard that a smile can help your mood even if fake? It is true! You can relieve stress this way and get yourself back in the saddle again. I use this personally and can vouch for it. I am positive that this alone has helped me win sets I could not have without it.


That concludes the list for now. Please let me know if this article helped or if there is any point I could improve upon! Thank you for reading!

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