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Palutena's Guidance: Warp Cancels

Dunban - August 28, 2017

 Palutena's Guidance: Warp Cancels


Hi everyone! If you don't know me, I'm the Goddess of Light herself, Lady Palutena! Today I'm here to show you one of my best techs! This is known as Ledge Warp Canceling. Though, you can just refer to it as Warp Canceling. I'll be teaching you not only how to perform it, but how to apply it aswell!



Warp is my up special, which allows me to teleport a medium distance in any direction! Sounds fairly useful, right? Sadly, if used on the ground, it has a decent amount of endlag. This means it is pretty punishable. If I use it in the air, I end up going into freefall. However, using the aforementioned tech, you'll be able to get around this! With limitations, of course.

Warp Cancel


To perform the tech, you'll need to line yourself up with a platform. I'd recommend going to Big Battlefield to practice, as the platforms are sized almost perfectly. Before anything, you should learn how to do it on the stage. Like so:


This is crucial to learning the spacing required for the ledge cancel. Don't give up if you fail the first few times, keep at it until you do it consistently. Furthermore, do it on every stage. That way, you'll learn how to better position yourself. Eventually, move on the the platforms. This will be even harder. Here's a good tip: Aim past the edge. Once you practice it for awhile, you should be able to use it ingame. Remember: You need to go the full length of the warp to ledge cancel with good timing. Keep that in mind while aligning yourself. If you don't travel the full length, you will end up being pushed off forward in freefall. This is dangerous if near the ledge. If you are not careful, you will lose a stock.




Also watch out for other platforms! If you are too close to another platform, it will mess up the tech. That will put you into freefall.



That wouldn't be very pretty..

Keep the platforms positions in mind. Don't embarrass yourself.




Step one was learning how to do it. Step two is learning how to apply it. Generally, it is a more situational tool. Use it as a mix up and keep it as a surprise, otherwise it might get predictable. Remember the first ledge cancel I had you learn? The one on the stage? That can be used as a way to cover low recoveries! If you can't reach your opponent in time, or you want to surprise them, use it! You can also quickly use another warp to trump! It can also be used as a quick movement option to pressure your opponent. You can even warp cancel on the platform your opponent is on, then jump up and use an aerial! The key to applying it is studying, practicing and being creative! Thankfully, SSBWorld has many VODs of Palutena players you can review. Watch how and when they use it. Some notable Palutena players to study up on for this would be:


Promaelia (@Promaelia)


PrinceRamen (@KIUPrinceRamen)



Well, Lady Palutena was busy and needed to leave. My name is Leopard (@SnagLeopard) and I will finish off the guide. Here is some useful Palutena guides and links! I myself am also currently working on a Warp Canceling video myself. I'll be updating this guide with higher quality images and gifs once I am done with it. I'm not the bes Lady Palutena's graphic designers are not the best at graphic design.

I actually borrowed a lot of resources from these guides myself, so I will give proper credit where it is due. Make sure to study up on these guides if you wish to continue improving your Palutena!

Make sure to follow my twitter for updates, or fangirling over Wolf. I'll tell you when I expand on this guide, so make sure to stay tuned!


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If you have you have any more resources you want me to add, or more notable players, simply post them here! I'll gladly add them.
Dunban - August 26, 2017

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