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Louisiana Summer 2017 PR

J.T.C. - September 1, 2017
0. Jimb0
This dude kept track of everything in Louisiana this season by himself like what that's crazy thank you Jimb0 you're the best and we all love you. You may throw nothing but 1's ingame but you throw all 9's in our hearts <3
1. Samsora
Literally is anyone surprised? Samsora is the world's best Peach and certainly Louisiana's best player. His reaction times and reads are among the best of the best, and anyone wanting proof of that should go watch his set with ZeRo at Dreamhack Atlanta...... or literally any set with fellow Louisiana players, seeing as how he didn't drop a single set to anyone in Louisiana. Wait, what??? He DID? BRUH WHO
2. Captain Zack
Only having attended one tournament this season (MechaCon) there was a bit of debate over whether or not one of the prodigies of Sm4sh would be included in the PR. Then everyone realized "lmao wtf of course he's gonna be on PR because he's RANKED 7TH IN THE WORLD" With only two losses to Samsora and BrawlerG31 (who he beat in the second set they played) he has proven that once again he is truly one of the best players Louisiana has to offer. We're making it easy~
3. BrawlerG31
BralerJ24 iz a reely gud playur. His patience with Mac makes almost every player he faces anxious on sight. Winner's Gabe will style on you with almost any character he wants... whether it be skeeting on you with Duck Hunt or fairydusting you with Pit. The man understands neutral and patience and being one of the coolest people in our scene. With a win on Zack and being up in sets against everyone except for BSP, he definitely deserves the third spot.
4. BSP
The true Pac-Master. The best Mario in the state! BSP's knowledge of the game's frame data and his excellent fundamentals enable him to be a formidable foe to just about any player. Always wanting to improve his game and looking for the best way to do it, BSP is still on the rise despite being in the Top 5 of Louisiana's PR. Being up in sets against just about everyone else in the state besides Zack and Samsora, and even against C. Falcon, there's no doubt that he his our #4.
5. C. Falcon
One of the most active players this season, C. Falcon has proven time and time again that his Rosa is not to be taken lightly. A dominant player who is still rapidly improving, and helping to improve the NOLA scene all the time still shows that he has more to prove. Even though he's claiming 5th on the PR this time around, don't be shocked when this talented weeb reaches even higher heights.
6. Mar
Mar has been around in the scene for a long time. Despite this, he is a player whose skill may go unnoticed by some players due to his sporadic attendance. However, don't be fooled. He is always improving as a player and he shows it here by being the highest ranked newcomer on the PR! With wins on Combo, EJ, RJ, and more, he has earned the slot of #6.
7. Chub
If this were Snipperclips, Chub would likely be taking #1. However, for Sm4sh he is another newcomer to the PR. Chub's Yoshi goes all aggro all the time and he's proud of it. Many players get overwhelmed as he expertly corners them with walls of fairs and eggs. With wins on the likes of BSP, C. Falcon, and EJ, Chub is improving fast. The biggest nose in the state locks down our 7th spot.
8. Combo
Even though he announced his withdrawal from competitive Sm4sh, Combo has still achieved the kind of results many players strive to achieve. His Falcon's aggression leave many people lost as they get knee'd off the face of Smashville. With wins on C. Falcon and EJ, he gets the 8th spot this time. We'll miss you Combo!
9. Creatious
The Rosa from Slidell slides in at #9! Much like last season, his biggest enemy is his lack of attendance. However, he makes up for it in the tournaments that he does decide to show up to. He seems to be taking a bit of a Gatekeeper role, consistently beating everyone below him but struggling to take sets off of those above him. Despite this, a win on C. Falcon shows that Creatious is not done improving and that we'll see him doing better soon enough.
10. EJ 
If someone were to take a shot every time EJ successfully grabbed someone, they'd actually be dead. EJ's reads with Bowser are impressive and his mixups are always surprising. No matter how good you are, if you see EJ in your bracket, you should be ready for a scary set. Always studying common habits of players, EJ is aiming to be one of the best Bowsers in the world. In the meantime, he settles for #10.
HM1. AzureWolf
AzureWolf will be one of the friendliest, most humble people in person you can meet. He will then go on Discord and say horrible things about your mother. Always looking to win, he has yet to really break through and go on a sick bracket run. He is, much like Sonic, quickly improving. I'm sure we'll see more and more of his sick combos, strings, and social media posts in the future.
HM2. WpWood
So you guys remember how someone beat Samsora but I didn't say who for no reason even though I'm typing this in advance and obviously I knew who beat him? WELL IT WAS WPWOOD THAT WAS RAD GOOD STUFF MAN! Wood has always slowly been on the incline with his trio of Palutena, Meta Knight, and Donkey Kong. Like AzureWolf, he has yet to consistently beat those above him, but with wins on C. Falcon and Samsora, he is showing that their time is short.
And that's our Summer 2017 PR. Thanks for reading!

Captain Zack
C. Falcon

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