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A Naming Convention for Egg Throw Trajectories

thebigro - September 5, 2017

Here's a simple way to refer to Egg Throws of specific strengths and directions:

First, there's the strength of the throw. Even though there are infinitely many throw strengths in theory, only the strongest and weakest throws are especially useful. So the first part of a trajectory name is "strong/weak". Then there's the angle of the throw. Once again, there are infinitely many angles in theory, but only a few matter. The angle can be referred to by the input required to produce it. Thus, the angle component of the trajectory is "backward/upward/diagonal/forward". Lastly, add "-egg" to the end for clarity. If you want, you can even abbreviate the angle inputs, like "strong forward egg -> strong f-egg", because we use that same kind of abbreviation to shorten stuff like "forward aerial" to "f-air".

Some examples, with GIFs of the actual move produced by the input:

Weak Forward Egg:

Weak Upward Egg:

Strong Backward Egg:

And yes, it totally matters which specific trajectory you're referring to when you talk about Egg Throw. They all have different uses.

GIFs created from video by Pixelbug and used with his permission.

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