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Characters Who are Rising in Meta

Dark Racer - September 6, 2017

Hello everyone this is Kenneth Banks aka Dark Racer bringing u guys my thoughts on who's rising in the meta as far as characters. So here's my POV of who I think is rising in the meta.


  • Mario- Well I know Ally is going to hate me for this but to me Mario is top 5 character in the game. His worse Mu are duable and he's either even with most people or better. Thanks to players such as Ally, Anti, Zenyou, Dark wizzy and many more who proves this statement. I believe Mario is here to stay in top 5.
  • Luigi- This character to me has a slight rise in meta game. Thanks to Elegant and other Luigi mains they prove that Luigi is very valuable in smash 4. He proves to us that when u get stuck in a combo best believe u will be losing a stock. So for Luigi mains ur character is good to. 
  • Peach- Just like Luigi I can also say Peach has a slight rise in meta now. She's no doubt top 15 in game right now. Samsora who is the best peach in world proves to us that she has so many combos up her sleeve that we can't even think of. Her footstool game is very good and is used very well. Peach imo will rise a little higher sooner or later.
  • DK- Now this character has prove alot that he can hang with majority of top tiers in game. Dk is no doubt top 20 and has proven that many times. Players like Tweek, Konga and Hikaru shows that DK is a force to be dealt with.
  • ZSS- She is one of the most underrated characters in smash 4. Her skill and the way she can take u up or spike u down is so good. Shes without a doubt still a huge character to handle on this game. Players like Nairo and Marss shows how fancy they can be when playing with ZSS and they show shes still a top tier player.
  • Falco- Now I know after u see falco on here your done looking at this, but let me tell u why he's rising. Falco haas skill and is very underrated in this game. Imo Falco is a good character and i believe his rise is slowly coming. While alot of people think Falco is low tier imo i believe Falco is bottom mid tier. Players such as #45 best player in the world Ac and a up and coming Falco main from michigan Daybreak proves that Falco is duable and can easily be slept on if you're not careful.
  • Captain Falcon- He is a awesome player to play with and alot of players know how to play as him. Captain Falcon is slowly becoming high tier in the meta. His explosive offense really puts pressure on you. The moment u airdodge you stock his done for. Thanks to Fatality's Falcon it shows how Falcon is almost duable in alot of MU and his very exciting character to play with.
  • Sonic- One the most annoying characters in the game has proven to some people that hes in a arugement of being top 5. Well I think hes close but I believe sonic is either 6th or 7th in the meta right now. Just like CF his speed and explosive offense is very good. Hes hard to beat and that spin dash can catch you if your slipping. Thanks to players like 6WX, Sonido, Supergirlkels, Ken, Komo, Wrath and Seagull Joe and many other sonic mains for showing speed is game and Sonic is right outside of being top 5.
  • Mewtwo- Mewtwo still got it in smash, so I believe Mewtwo is top 10 and is rising from that. He has alot of abilities that proves that he can be one of the best. Although many top tiers can destroy mewtwo players like Wadi, Rich Brown, Abadango, Deathorse and ???? (unknown from michigan) proves that those Mu can be won. 
  • Corrin- She is back on the rise and I'm here to tell you why. Corrin ability and fighting style is very unique. She's a excellent main and a good secondary choice. Players like Ryuga and Cosmos shows how good Corrin really is. Her combos are great and shes right outside top 10. I believe shes comin up very soon. (I did not use boy corrin because I'm triggered when someone picks the boy Corrin i just thing Corrin looks weird and dumb as a boy so Boy Corrin is bottom tier.)       

So those are the characters I believe are rising in the Meta. For more details or questions go to my YouTube channel (DarkRacer) or you can  follow me on twitter at SuperDarkRacer.

Thank you have good one.

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Pretty much all the characters you listed are on the down turn in the meta as cloud, bayo, and diddy continue to centralize it. Peach has no other reps, loses to swords in a sword meta, and requires huge technical skill to accomplish the same thing the top tiers can do with one move.

ZSS is a crappy character floated by silly rage mechanics, amazing top player representation, and overall player fear. Once you break down her matchup she falls to barely top 10.

the only one I sort of agree with is sonic, though considering he started as a top 5 character I don't really see top 8 as "rising"
Wood - September 18, 2017

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