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Make Tier Lists and Matchup Charts on SSB World

SSB World - October 15, 2017

*Update* - We now have a Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list creator available.

As many of you have likely noticed, we added a Smash 4 Tier List Maker and a Smash 4 Matchup Chart Maker to our site about 30 days ago. Beyond tweeting it out a bit, we haven't promoted it too much since we want to be sure that it is working well.

We built upon classic Quetzle builder that you are all used to, but wanted to add it to our site for a few reasons. Here are the benefits to using SSB World for your future chart creations.

Organization by Player

If you want to see Dabuz's matchup chart, simply visit Dabuz's profile. When a SSB World member creates any chart, it is added to their profile page. In this example, Dabuz didn't even create his chart on SSB World, but it was easy to recreate and attribute to his profile.

This makes it easy to find in the future. We hope to eliminate the need to dig up an old tweet, find an old reddit thread or keep running Google Docs with links to all of those things.

If we asked you right now to find Captain Zack's latest Bayonetta matchup chart, where would you look? There isn't an easy answer.

It just makes sense to try and have a player's VODs, Charts, blogs (and more stuff coming in the future) all in living in one easy to find and navigate place. We hope to make it easy.

Note: We are looking for community members to recreate existing matchup charts or tier lists from top players to build out our archive. Feel free to create one if you have time and let us know so we can connect it to the correct player profile. Creating charts is a great way to earn points on our Community Leaderboard as well.

Organization by Character

If you want to find matchup charts for Diddy Kong, go to Diddy Kong's character page. It's that simple. Just another way to keep things organized.

This will make it easy to compare multiple matchup charts for the same character.

Easy Image Hosting or Sharing

Once you create your chart, we host it on a URL. You don't need to upload it to imgur or a related service. 

You are free to download the image or simply link a Tweet, Facebook post or Reddit post to the URL of your chart.

Discussion and Comments

The best part of Tier Lists and Matchup Charts is their ability to create discussions around the content. See any Reddit thread or Twitter reply chain to see this in action. 

Sometimes a chart needs additional context from the creator and we have a comment section below each chart that gives the creator to explain exactly what the chart is. Create your chart, explain the details once and future viewers will have the full context of what was created.

Check out this screenshot example from Smash Demographics tier list, where they clearly explained the criteria of their analysis for everyone. The comment kept going actually, we cut it off in this example. What's nice is this is a full comment thread, where other users can respond or question. On a matchup chart, it's a place to ask "why did you put X character in that slot?"


Feed of New Charts

Just visit our Smash 4 Tier Lists or Smash 4 Matchup Charts pages to see the latest charts that the community has created. Simple spot to find new Smash content and a place where you can respond in the comments to give your feedback on the created charts.

Community Leaderboard Points

Creating a Tier List or Matchup Chart will earn you points towards the Community Leaderboard. Commenting on charts will also earn you points.


FAQs & Bugs

Aggregate Data: A key feature of our site is collecting data on VODs. Naturally, this makes the community wonder if we are going to collect data on Charts. At this time, we are not. In order to do so, users would likely have to create on the Standard Template and not be able to add a variety of rows, descriptions for rows, etc.

Undefined: We've seen updated text in row labels revert to "Undefined" on the Chart URL. Maybe you write "Slight Disadvantage" but then the final page for the Chart shows "Undefined". We're not sure what's causing this bug, but don't worry too much about it. We can easily edit the page in the database to fix the labels. Just tweet @SSBWorld and let us know. Also, this bug does not effect the Image File that is saved. Your image will have all the correct labels.

Apostrophes in Row Labels: Using an apostrophe in the text description for a row causes the Chart not to save. Please avoid using one for now until we get this patched.

Cut-off Image: This is another bug that has happened a few times. If your image download isn't complete, please tweet @SSBWorld and we will duplicate the post and get a new image generated.


We invite you to Create a Tier List or Create a Matchup Chart today. If you have feedback or encounter a bug, please tweet @SSBWorld or email us at contactssbworld@gmail.com.


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