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Smash 4 - Ganondorf: Bair Showcase

MGK - November 15, 2017

Ganondorf's Bair in my opinion is Ganondorfs best move and the better you are at abusing it, the better your Ganondorf is going to be overall. It's frame 10, safe on shield and kills Bowser at 82% at the ledge without Rage.

Everything you need to know about Ganondorf's Bair is in this Video:

Areas I cover:

1. Overview - 0:06
2. Stage usage -1:46
3. Against Shields - 2:45
4. Combos - 3:32
5. Against Projectiles - 4:14
6. Ledge Trapping and Trumping - 5:21
7. Offstage Play - 6:40

Key aspects of Ganondorf's Bair

  • Kills at crazy low % and with rage, it's one of the most scariest moves in the game
  • It's safe on shield
  • Can be used for baiting
  • Best auto cancel frames out of all of Ganondorfs aerials
  • Beats out and short hop over most projectiles 

If you have any questions, ask me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGK_Ganondorf

Thank you.

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