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Which Character Matches Your Personality?

Trobaire - January 12, 2018

I'm an advocate of representing yourself through your character in fighting games. It's easier to push through the slumps, nerfs, and hard matchups when you have a connection to your character beyond merely moveset preference or metagame concerns, and keeping a definite main benefits you in the long run.

Some players connect to a character through their aesthetics and style. In Smash Bros, many players establish these connections by picking characters from their favorite games. You might also connect to a character if you feel like they are similar to you--in terms of personality, for example.

I've made a short personality profile for every character below. I tried to sum up the most standout and unique aspects of their personalities from either their original games or how they are portrayed in Smash. This required quite a bit of research (and I lowkey forgot how many characters are in this game), but it was a fun project. This is mostly just for fun, but if it gives someone some food for thought or makes them consider a character that they didn't before, that's great!

I'm curious as to which character's personality people identify with the most, so let me know in the comments or on Twitter. You'll probably see a bit of yourself in more than one character, but try to pick the character that most strongly describes you.


Mario - You're a hard-working, blue-collar Average Joe. Your seemingly limitless optimism makes you quite popular. You pack your free time with lots of different activities, and you're a big sports fan.

Luigi - You're a neatfreak hipster who best describes themselves as "quirky." You're kind of shy, but you let your personality seep through every now and then. You're not often the center of attention, which can make you feel inadequate sometimes.

Peach - You might describe yourself as "bubbly and fun," while others might describe you as "ditzy." Admittedly, you do have a tendency to not learn from your mistakes. Still, something about you attracts people to you.

Bowser - You can be belligerent, intimidating, and honestly kind of a bully sometimes. You know what you want, and you have a tendency towards obsessive behavior. However, you're surprisingly responsible and a strong leader.

Yoshi - You are carefree and happy-go-lucky to a fault. It takes a LOT to upset you, and you're not one to hold a grudge. You do have to be careful sometimes to avoid being used by opportunistic "friends."

Rosalina & Luma - You are mature, with a strong parental instinct. You often find yourself taking care of those close to you. You prioritize others over yourself, which sometimes exacerbates your own problems.

Bowser Jr./Koopalings - You're used to getting what you want; some might go so far as to call you "spoiled." You are quite impressionable, and the opinions of your idols are very important to you. You're immature, but in a (hopefully) endearing way.

Wario - Above all else, you are a contrarian who thrives on being disagreeable. You have a tendency to be reckless and have little regard for others. Despite this, your uncompromising uniqueness keeps people around.

Donkey Kong - You're what some might affectionately (or not) call a "meathead." You live at the gym, fantasize about gains, splurge on supplements; in short, you lift, bro. You may have been a bully in the past, but now you get along with almost everyone.

Diddy Kong - You are a natural sidekick, skilled in building others up and cheering them on. You've definitely used the words "squad" and/or "crew" to refer to your group of friends before. You don't take yourself too seriously, and like clowning around and having a good time.

Mr. Game & Watch - You're a simple one with not too many dimensions to your personality. You're not really ambitious, and struggle to define yourself in any meaningful way. If forced to describe yourself in one word, though, you might opt for "lucky."

Little Mac - You love being the underdog, and you perform best when the odds are stacked against you. You do all you can to improve, including seeking guidance from those who know more than you. However, your underdog nature also sometimes impels you to do risky, impractical things.

Link - You value courage above all other virtues. You have an adventurous spirit, though you do prefer to be prepared. You don't talk much, but you find other ways to express yourself.

Zelda - You are an exemplar of grace, elegance, and maturity. You have an insatiable curiosity, but are frequently pensive and anxious. You value wisdom above all other virtues.

Sheik - You like getting things done but don't like drawing attention to yourself. However, you are quite artistically inclined, and may be drawn to things like music, acting, or cosplay. You may find that you have a lot in common with Zeldas.

Ganondorf - You are a realist who looks at the world through an unemotional lens. You admire powerful figures and aspire to become one yourself. You are not naturally an empathetic person.

Toon Link - You long to travel and explore and go wherever the wind takes you. You have an affinity for the sea, and love being on the water. You are very close to your immediate family.

Samus - You are fiercely independent and capable. You pride yourself on your ability to adapt to new environments and deal with stressful situations. You have a fascination with space and the future.

Zero Suit Samus - You work really hard to look good, and you want everyone to know. You're not particularly extroverted, so you feel like you need to attract people to you, rather than seek them out. You may have a lot in common with Samuses, though you might also be polar opposites on certain things.

Pit - Your sheer enthusiasm for things might make some people cringe, but that's their problem. You're a fan of light-hearted banter and trash talk, but you always keep it positive. You also have a particular love of food.

Palutena - Your vast knowledge and explanation skills make you the perfect guide, coach, or teacher. You like to stay focused on a goal, although sometimes you leave room for a sarcastic aside or two. Although you aren't too obvious about it, deep down you really like telling people what to do.

Marth - You are an excellent diplomat, and you make friends easily. You are a very trusting person who tends to give people the benefit of the doubt. Your idealism can sometimes attract those who wind up taking advantage of you.

Ike - You are a blunt, straightforward person. You tend to be stoic and uncommunicative, but not for lack of emotion or compassion. You have a strong dislike of elitist and conceited people.

Robin - You are deeply interested in game theory and strategic metagames. You thrive in competition that allows you to outsmart opponents. Though you are kind of a bookworm, you're also quite social, and enjoy making connections with people.

Duck Hunt - You're a troll that likes joking around, often at other people's expense. It's not that you're a bad person, you just don't know how to handle life without a thick facade of humor and memery. You're also a dog person.

Kirby - You are greatly influenced by the people around you. You find yourself copying your friends' mannerisms and phrases, and really wanting to fit in. You are innocent and a bit naive at your core.

King Dedede - You feel as though you are frequently misunderstood and get a bad rap. You can be self-centered, but you also do things for others that they don't always appreciate as much as they should. Your communication skills could be better.

Meta Knight - You are enigmatic to others, and you prefer to keep it that way. Honor and fairness are very important to you, and you are uncompromising in both. Though you would never show it, you surprisingly share many things in common with Kirbys.

Fox - You are a natural leader and consummate professional. You're kind of a dork and usually need to earn people's respect, but you invariably do. You loosen up and act very differently when you're by yourself or with close friends.

Falco - You're a cocky hotshot who is fluent in sarcasm. You don't get along with everybody, and some would call you a jerk, but they're just too sensitive. Your inner confidence allows you to handle stressful situations with relative ease.

Pikachu - You are very popular, due to your magnetic personality and general cuteness. You love the attention, and tend to ham it up for a crowd. You don't like being cooped up, and would rather be outside.

Charizard - You're fiery and boorish at times, and frequently act on instinct. You've demonstrated a serious disregard for your own well-being at least a couple times in your life. Managing your temper has been a continuous struggle.

Lucario - You are very empathetic, to the point where the feelings of others often become your feelings. You are an expert at interpreting nonverbal cues and understanding what someone is really meaning to convey. You're also a furry.

Jigglypuff - You are, in essence, a diva. You crave attention and require popularity and recognition of your talents and hard work. You're not above petty acts of revenge when slighted.

Greninja - You were that kid who had an obsession with frogs, reptiles, and bugs growing up. You unapologetically like what you think is cool, even if it's kind of nerdy or weird. The people that put you down often secretly envy your self-acceptance.

R.O.B. - You wish you never had to grow up, and treasure things that remind you of your childhood. You are quirky and tend to ascribe emotions to inanimate objects. You might be a collector, or have an interest in collecting.

Ness - You have always been something of a prodigy; you are uniquely gifted. You have a strange, absurdist sense of humor that not everyone gets. But you're pretty normal otherwise, and you don't find it hard to get along with people.

Captain Falcon - You're the type that thinks Chuck Norris jokes were the height of comedy. You're the one that gets super hyped when your sports team wins or when you pull off a sick move in a game. You are a dudebro, and you wear it with pride.

Villager - You are laid-back and appreciate the little things in life. Your greatest ambition in life is to have a live in a nice house in a quaint little town. You take things slow and easy, and keep up with the neighbors.

Olimar/Alph - You have an inquiring mind and a love of science. Your responsibility and resourcefulness are your greatest attributes. You're not a particularly emotional person, and you don't get too attached to things.

Wii Fit Trainer - You are a health nut who optimizes every facet of their life towards living well. You can be preachy at times, and have a habit of giving unsolicited advice. On the other hand, this trait also makes you a natural coach and motivator.

Shulk - You are warmly positive, and just a bit of a clown. You would rather plan ahead than be spontaneous. You have a tendency to obsess over the future, and you're sometimes eerily talented at making predictions.

Dr. Mario - You value higher education and have worked towards a fulfilling, high-value career. You struggle to make sure your work ethic doesn't turn you into a jaded, joyless adult. Otherwise, you are much like Mario.

Dark Pit - You're just too cool to care about anything. You often cringe at the actions of others, but you secretly worry that you are similar to them. It's not that you're fake, but you probably can't fully back up the tough front you put on.

Lucina - You are a strong-willed and determined Type-A personality. You take yourself extremely seriously, to the point where others might tell you to lighten up and learn to take a joke. Otherwise, you likely have a lot in common with Marths.

Pac-Man - You love campy, retro aesthetics and probably have played through Cuphead multiple times. You are almost unnervingly cheery; people usually think you're either a great person or a serial killer (...or both?) You can put away a ton of food, especially if it's pizza.

Mega Man - Your day isn't successful unless you learned something new. You're kind of a geek, and constantly seek out new gadgets to mess around with. Incidentally, things don't usually hold your attention for very long.

Sonic - You keep up with all the latest trends and hate feeling like you're missing out. You're an adrenaline junky who is always active. You take yourself more seriously than you probably should sometimes.

Mewtwo - You are an extreme introvert and a natural loner. You have a generally negative worldview that stems from deep emotional pain. You have a strong hatred for authority, and will go out of your way to be disobedient.

Lucas - You are shy and frequently get sad or scared. You have had to deal with tragic events in your life that have had a pronounced effect on you. Despite these issues, you are capable of finding resolve and accomplishing difficult things.

Roy - You are passionate and commit 100% to whatever you do. You have someone important in your life who you look up to and model yourself after. Despite your fiery nature, you are capable of keeping a cool head when the situation calls for it.

Ryu - You live to challenge yourself--not to prove anything, but just to see how far you can push the limits. Your self-discipline is extraordinary, but not perfect. In the rare event that you do give in to temptation, you tend to go all in, often with disastrous results.

Cloud - You are cocky, aloof, and somewhat insecure. You have a terrible memory, but a fanciful imagination. You worry sometimes that you might not be the type of person you claim to be.

Corrin - You dislike conflict, and try to get along with everyone and remain as neutral as possible. You are admittedly pretty awkward and don't have much of a way with words. You are quick to apologize and don't often stand up for yourself.

Bayonetta - You consider sassiness a virtue, and have probably said "yaaas gurl slay" at least once in your life. You loooove drama, and may have started it a few times just to shake things up. You could stand to be more empathetic, but your self-confidence is certainly enviable.

Miis - You value individuality and creativity. You might identify with the bluntness and athleticism of Brawler, the romanticism and refinement of Swordfighter, or the savviness and practicality of Gunner, but above all you just like the idea of making a representation of yourself. Incidentally, you may be a touch narcissistic.

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I main Mario but based on this I'm probably most similar to Ike, Meta Knight, and Mewtwo.
Antimony - January 15, 2018

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