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Smash 4 BootCamp, Esports, and Las Vegas

ShockSmash - January 15, 2018

There is a huge push by casinos, local companies, Esports teams, and the city, itself, for Las Vegas to become an Esports destination in 2018. Esports arenas are popping up or opening soon, and the Nevada Esports Alliance is facilitating Esports gambling. Behind the scenes, people in Las Vegas are trying to figure out how to crack the Esports nut. They’re bringing in experts, commissioning research papers, and working to promote this “new’ venture.

Esports are a mix of old and new, and a bit outside of what Vegas traditionally goes after in terms of tourism. The casinos see the potential and are actively working to catch the lighting of Esports in a bottle and bundle it in a way that is lucrative and engaging. 

I’ve spoken with people and various organizations, and I would like to offer my thoughts on Las Vegas as an Esports hub…and also show a glimpse of what a successful, smaller Esports tournament looks like. I’ll have more on Esports in Vegas soon, but, for now, you can check out the video below where I use the Smash Bros. 4 VG Bootcamp tournament from December 2017 as an example.

I originally wrote this piece for a local magazine, but I ended up changing my mind and opting for a YouTube video/blog post on instead. While I wanted to target the Las Vegas audience, I thought it might be better to hear the thoughts of other Esports fans and those in the Smash community. Is there interest in an “Esports destination?” What do you think?

Thanks for watching. You can check out my progress in Smash 4 at, follow me on Twitter @SteveJShockey, and subscribe to my YouTube page called ShockSmash.

Steve “ShockSmash” Shockey


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