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White House Smash League Early Ranking 2018

Sean Jones 🇺🇸 - February 17, 2018


White House Smash League 2018 Early Ranking

Rankings are determined by a survey given to all players.  Each player receives a score that is derived from the average ranking in the survey responses.  Like rankings themselves, lower scores are better, and higher scores are worse.

#8 - Hunter "SMBX" Evans 

Score: 6.1

Conference: MTC 

     A long time veteran of the scene, don't let SMBX's 4th, 4th, and 5th place streak fool you.  SMBX would very likely be a top four contender in the scene, if it weren't for his curse of being DQ'd at every event due to Schedule conflicts.  With a 2-7 career set record,  he has only lost five sets that he actually played in.  During the offseason, SMBX switched his main to Marth, though he has never been able to use him in tournament, due to the sparse tournament landscape in 2017.  SMBX hopes to come into this season and make strides, moving up the ranks.  In his words, "Here comes the comeback of the Century, boy."

#7 - Marcos "Marchos" Leonardo

Score: 6.0 

Conference: MTC

     Marchos has been, in a word, consistent.  A Falco and IC's main, he doesn't rely on much technical play, apart from the occasional wobble. Despite this, Marchos finds ways to win, working his way up and getting an impressive 3rd place at the Meme Team Spring Invitational with a win over Yason, multiple wins over RetroV1bes, and losing sets only to HopesAndMemes and Mr. Miyagi, the top 2 players at the time.  If he can develop his characters to a higher level (and learn how to kill off of wobble) then Marchos could surely have a huge impact this season.

#6 - Maxwell "RetroV1bes" Wilson

Score: 5.8 

Conference: NFCA 

     Relatively new to competitive play and just Smash Bros. in general, RetroV1bes isn't your average new guy.  He mains Fox, and has a very good natural sense of the game, especially in neutral interactions.  With some sharper technique, he could sweep brackets. While he has failed to grab a set win in tournament, he has shown massive potential in the offseason, and he hopes to translate that into competitive play.

#5 - Jakob "Skyhill" Munday

Score: 5.4

Conference: NFCA 

     Skyhill was a bit of a dark horse candidate in the rankings, as he has never actually played in a singles tournament. Despite this, he has trained extensively with top players, and shows a lot of potential.  While he prefers Smash 4, some of his skill should be able to be converted to Melee. It will be interesting to see the level of competition that he brings to the WHSL.

#4 - Simon "Bangkok" Epting 

Score: 4.1

Conference: NFCA 

     The Friar of the Fritter himself,  Bangkok is the founder and Chairman of the National Fritter Association of America and the NFCA President.  He plays Melee in style with his pocket Roy.  He has some amazing potential with his understanding of the Neutral game.  He'll tell you "Eat your heart out. Save the rest for me." after he beats you.

#3 - Corbin "Mr. Miyagi" Tomes

Score: 3.7   

Conference: MTC

      During the Meme Team Tournaments era, Mr. Miyagi was the gatekeeper in the ranks. Despite never taking a set off of the dominant HopesAndMemes, he has only lost one set to a player other than HopesAndMemes.  His signature Marth tears through every bracket he enters.  His loyalty to his character is impecable, playing Marth in every tournament game but one for his whole career so far.  He continues to grow, and has taken HopesAndMemes to game 5, last stock situations multiple times.  This league could be his chance to rise to the top.

#2 - Andrew "Lumpy" Corbitt

Score: 3.6

Conference: NFCA 

     A connoisseur of Smash 4, Lumpy brings his expertise in spacing and neutral interactions to the world of Melee, where he has already shown great potential after picking up Ganondorf and becoming a sort of "Hidden Boss" with the character.  During offseason practice, it seems like he has the greatest potential of dethroning the top player and becoming the best.  There is also a very strong chance that he will establish his spot among the "gods" of the WHSL and become a highly feared player in the league.

#1 - Sean "HopesAndMemes" Jones

Score: 1.3

Conference: MTC 

     Dominant is the only word that could be used to describe HopesAndMemes's performance during the Meme Team Tournaments era.  He holds an all-time set record of 17-0, taking first place at every tournament.  Despite this, he is human.  He has been in multiple game 5 situations with multiple players.   He is definitely the player to beat, and it is not impossible to do so.  He has many distinct weaknesses that can be exploited, especially in the neutral.  Will he continue his reign at the top, or will he become one of the mortals?

FULL RANKING:                                                                                                                                                                                       

#1 HopesAndMemes MTC 1.3 Fox, Falco, C. Falcon Jigglypuff, Marth, Sheik, Samus
#2 Lumpy NFCA 3.6 Ganondorf Jigglypuff
#3 Mr. Miyagi MTC 3.7 Marth -
#4 Bangkok NFCA 4.1 Roy -
#5 Skyhill NFCA 5.4 Pikachu -
#6 RetroV1bes NFCA 5.8 Fox Falco
#7 Marchos MTC 6.0 Ice Climbers Falco
#8 SMBX MTC 6.1 Marth Young Link

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