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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character/Engine Changes (via Videos)

Xyless - June 12, 2018

These are based on a Tweet Thread I made, so if anything seems condensed, it's because I was trying to fit the info on a tweet. If there's any changes you recommend, feel free to tweet at me at @Xyless! Because I made this during the Treehouse gameplay footage, I missed anything that happened in that time.

Update Log:

  • 4:40 PM EST: Added dash cancel note, Added Nair on Pikachu, Limit Break nerf on Cloud, Spin Dash nerf on Sonic.


  • Damage is increased during 1v1 battles.
  • New dramatic slowdowns for big hits.
  • Can automatically short hop aerial by pressing Attack + Jump together.
  • Can cancel dashes with any action.


  • Directional air dodging is back, but seems like a cross of Smash 4 and Melee.
  • Rolling multiple times reduces its effectiveness.
  • Power shielding now happens on Shield button release, seems to allow quick punishes.
  • Distance for grabbing ledge seem to be reduced.


  • Stages are now picked before characters.
  • Damage UI now includes a tenth decimal point.
  • When a character is in the blast zone, a display will appear to show where everyone is.
  • In 1v1, if a stock is lost, the current stock count appears on screen.


  •  01 Mario: Full hop velocity is way faster, reaches peak super fast. Taunts with Cappy.
  •  02 Donkey Kong: Cargo Throw is one-handed, dash attack leads better into strong punishes. Forward Smash looks chunkier and closer range.
  •  03 Link: New design, bomb is remote, 2 arrows fired.
  •  04 Samus: Can charge shot in the air, Up Throw looks like an explosion now.
  •  05 Yoshi: Up B Eggs bounce, grab range increased.
  •  06 Kirby: Melee dash attack (probably better), new Stone transforms.
  •  07 Fox: New design, new voice, Krystal an assist character?
  •  08 Pikachu: Can be a female Pikachu now, including Libre. New Neutral Air, a multi-hit similar to Mewtwo's.
  •  09 Luigi: New Up Tilt animation.
  •  10 Ness: New windup on PK Fire, USmash looks stronger on the up swing.
  •  11 Captain Falcon: New Forward Smash animation, Falcon Punch more cinematic.
  •  12 Jigglypuff: Jab looks better, still has the shield pop insta-kill.
  •  13 Peach: New Down Tilt animation, Toad helps with throws & his original special
    •  13ε Daisy: Side B seems to go further than Peach's, different idle/taunt poses.
  •  14 Bowser: 2nd hit of Down Tilt can trip.
  •  15 Ice Climbers: Nana will smash in the opposite direction as Popo, will walk away and taunt during a throw, will look scared for Popo when he's in trouble (maybe can't attack if he's held?).
  •  16 Sheik: new pauldrons, DSmash looks shorter.
  •  17 Zelda: New design based on Link Between Worlds (can be Hilda), has a jab combo into jab flurry, likely lots of new animations.
  •  18 Dr Mario: New DAir (stomp).
  •  19 Pichu: Looks like more moves are electric (Forward Tilt & Down Tilt at least), still takes self damage.
  •  20 Falco: New jab flurry finisher, laser looks faster on ground at least.
  •  21 Marth: English voice, Dancing Blade is much quicker, Shield Breaker seems to be angleable.
  •  22 Young Link: Bombs don't hurt Young Link when hitting others.
  •  23 Ganondorf: New design based on Ocarina of TIme, all smashes use his sword, has Cloud's DSmash.
  •  24 Mewtwo: USmash has more range and is quicker, new Dash Attack animation.
  •  25 Roy: Can reverse the direction of his release of Flare Blade.
  •  26 Mr Game & Watch: All animations are now accurate to their original G&W animations, which change his size and shape more heavily.
  •  27 Meta Knight: Down Throw might have more hit lag.
  •  28 Pit: Orbitars look slightly faster on release?
  •  29 Zero Suit Samus: Faster taunt, Flip Kick can bounce off more walls, release of Flip Kick looks faster.
  •  30 Wario: Dash attack is his shoulder charge, his full hop velocity also looks much faster.
  •  31 Snake: DSmash is a low kick on both sides instead of mine.
  •  32 Ike: Two designs, Eruption has 3 explosions at full charge, moving forward from Ike.
  •  33/34/35 Pokemon Trainer: No more fatigue, switching is extremely fast, KO still forces switch.
    • 33 Squirtle: Run is Squirtle surfing.
    • 34 Ivysaur: Jab looks much improved.
    • 35 Charizard: NAir might have less landing lag.
  •  36 Diddy Kong: Different jab finisher.
  •  37 Lucas: Looks mostly unchanged, other than Final Smash.
  •  38 Sonic: Knuckles assist trophy, cannot shield cancel Spin Dash.
  •  39 King Dedede: Can Inhale his Gordos and shoot them, New FAir animation, can Down Tilt in both directions.
  •  40 Olimar: All active Pikmin will take part in grabbing and throwing.
  •  41 Lucario: Low Aura Extreme Speed has extremely low distance, Double Team looks quicker.
  •  42 R.O.B.: Up Smash initial hitbox also behind ROB, Robo Burner shows a gauge for fuel on body.
  •  43 Toon Link: New Forward Smash (one upward swing), swinging taunt seems to be holdable.
  •  44 Wolf: New design, faster Blaster, NAir seems to be a sex kick instead of a spin similar to Fox's.
  •  45 Villager: New UI showing what's pocketed, Grab also pockets.
  •  46 Mega Man: No visible changes, but likely can air dodge out of Rush Coil.
  •  47 Wii Fit Trainer: New face, Deep Breathing is much faster.
  •  48 Rosalina & Luma: New Rosalina NAir, Gravity Pull automatically grabs any item pulled, can likely air dodge out of Launch Star.
  •  49 Little Mac: Can reverse direction of release of Straight Lunge, no longer goes helpless after Jolt Haymaker, new animation for KO Uppercut.
  •  50 Greninja: Less end lag on stronger Water Shuriken.
  •  51/52/53 Mii Fighters: Default size seems to be as tall as Marth.
  •  54 Palutena: Hard to tell if she has them naturally, but it sounded like Explosive Flame is her new Side Special and her Down Special is the Reflector/Counter combined, Counter looks faster, Reflector no longer lingers.
  •  55 Pac-Man: New UTilt, can smack away water, Trampoline seems to have 2 charges before breaking instead of 3 (blue > green > red/break) and can be "damaged" to lose a charge.
  •  56 Robin: New UI element to show charges of specials, Elwind now angles harder, Arcthunder faster.
  •  57 Shulk: Two different ways to choose Monado Art (rapid fire or hold + direction).
  •  58 Bowser Jr: Clown Cannon ball hitbox continues when it hits ground, Down Tilt tongue eats food.
  •  59 Duck Hunt: Can air dodge during Duck Jump, jab flurry looks more reliable and fast.
  •  60 Ryu: Only faces towards opponent in 1v1.
  •  61 Cloud: UI shows his charge on his icon, loses Limit Break after 15 seconds.
  •  62 Corrin: The lunge animation of Dragon Lunge seems to go less distance.
  •  63 Bayonetta: Witch Time clock seems to be shorter, knockback during Witch Time decreased much less (harder to combo through Witch Time).

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