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List of discovered Smash Ultimate Tech + features (General and character specific)

Nutmeg - June 13, 2018


These are all sourced from people at E3 who have the opportunity to play smash and their tweets!

This current list is from the E3 build! 

To update: organization (sorry I just really wanted to write everything down! ^^') and updating sources to include twitter handles!

General Tech (Source: Too many)

  • pseudo wave dashing, no L cancel (Samurai Panda ) however there have been statements from multiple people that there is no wave dashing PERIOD
  • Di better? (aurum)
  • Perfect pivoting is out(Aurum)
  • Rolling is nerfed
  • Dash dancing is in the game but not fully practical (Tafo)
  • Late aerials out of shield are amazing 
  • You can do anything out of dash 
  • Tech Grabs are in the game
  • ledge trumping is the same
  • shield push block does not knock you off stage (Samurai Panda)
  • Wavelanding on platforms is pretty good 
  • Landing lag on aerials is good
  • Rage still lives (Anti) but significantly reduced (Zeke)
  • Dash into smash cancel 
  • directional air dodge 
  • Shield stun is low (ESAM)
  • you can charge smash attacks 5x as long
  • Full hops are different. Your burst into the air when you input full hop. You no longer slowly ascend upward. (NAKAT)

  • You can do a nondirectional air dodge and still attack/jump. Directional air dodge puts you in free fall and get only 1 air dodge even if its nondirectional (Hungrybox)
  • c-stick nair is out (:C)
  • jumpsquat is 3 frames which may be universal (however a few other sources have said that you can just accelerate into the air even heavies like Bowser and Ganon)

Pikachu (Source: ESAM)

  • Nair has no landing lag
  • Thunder cloud spikes
  • UThrow thunder looks like it can work
  • Landing air into anything works
  • Moves have huge knockback, really far into the bubble blast zone (Hungrybox)

Bayonetta (Source: Multiple)

  • Feels nerfed (due to knock back and hitstun), still able to pull off standard Bayo stuff
  • Special canceling and all of her tricks are still in 
  • May get nerfed due to ability of still killing off top

Cloud (Source: Mr.ConCon & Zeke)

  • Limit nerfed, cross slash reduced knock back by a lot 
  • Limit goes away after 15 seconds of no use (CONFIRMED)

Pokemon Trainer (Source: Keitaro)

  • No stamina, can change at will 

Samus (Source: Multiple)

  • Can charge charge shot cancel in mid air 

Ike (Source: Ally)

  • No landing lag on his aerials (AKA Back air and fair)
  • Eruption is a projectile 

Bowser (Source: Bear + Kurogane)

  • Jumps are ridiculously fast (3 frame jump squat?)
  • Bowsercide seems to be one directional
  • Bowser bomb stronger, more punishable
  • Fire breath is still the same
  • Up B same

Snake (Source: Samurai Panda, Bear, MVD)

  • 2 grenades 
  • Grenade grabs
  • Down smash is like Falcon downsmash
  • Nikita missile is extremely fast 
  • CAN c4 recover like in brawl 

Ryu (Source: Multiple)

    • does indeed have a back air (he can turn around in the air)

Ganon (Source: Samurai Panda + Game + Coney)

  • All smash attacks have swords 
  • Movement improved
  • Ganoncide exists but both characters can break out of it (if done from SUPER high up)

Donkey Kong (Source: IDK Kevin who)

  • no landing lag after fair 
  • still has Ding Dong 

Ice Climbers (Source: Falln & Samurai Panda)

  • Nana dances until popo completely finishes throw. Could not desync with dash dance 
  • Upair can kill 
  • if you know anything contact me IMMEDIATELY about desync

Fox (Source: everyone + Shofu)

  • Up air still broken
  • Jab is nuts
  • illusion stops when shielded 
  • Shine stall is gone
  • Very fast
  • fair is worse
  • laser is the same as Smash 4?
  • bair is different (but better?)
  • they killed him (jk we really don't know until the final build :D)

Sonic (Source: UR2SLOW through various sources)

  • Can’t shield cancel spin dash or spin shot
  • Sonic is a lot stronger
  • Sonic dash attack can kill and is strong 
  • Spin shot is harder input 
  • ground movement feels better

Ridley (Source: Bear)

  • Aerial character
  • Like little mac but reversed 

Inkling (Source: DC)

  • Neutral B has hitstun but only up close 
  • She dashes faster and upB higher with more ink
  • Splat Bomb is great for edge guarding and returning to stage
  • Side-B roller seems great for tech chasing

Mac (Source: Multiple)

  • Side b doesn’t put him into freefall anymore
  • KO punch has more range 


  • Shoulder bash is back (brawl dash) confirmed by game


  • Still have FLUDD (confirmed by game)


  • does not have tether grab anymore, grabs with his hand (Samurai Panda)

Diddy (Source: Zinoto)

  • Banana gets thrown and it does not disappear

Ness (Source: NAKAT)

  • Still strong
  • Uair is similar to peach’s, similar hotbox to smash 4 uair
  • Down throw works but is harder to get
  • back throw is still a strong kill move
  • Recovery is the same
  • Same potential??

Marth (Source: Hungrybox)

  • Side b super quick but you can’t space out hits in between

Sheik (Source: Tafo + Blank)

  • Same as Smash 4 but has better knockback on back air
  • Still has 2 frame jab

Duck Hunt (Source: Seagull Joe)

  • Can air dodge during his up B to cancel

Pac-Man (Source: Multiple + Sinji)

  • bonus fruit cycles through much faster (Babylonian)
  • if someone hits trampoline it turns green and people can fall through when going on it
  • Grab is buffed (same start up but a lot less cooldown so praise be to no self-witchtime)
  • Side B has more range and less cooldown

Zelda (source: Nairo)

  • Zelda does not go into freefall if you use Din's fire offstage
  • She can drift in the air after you use Farone's Wind (before she can't move left or right for like 1-2 seconds)

Robin (Source: Game footage [thank you Arago!])

  • Elwind is angled now (might depend on directional input)
  • Fair is one frame faster
  • Arcthunder has about 10 fewer frames of lag?
  • Nosferatsu has about 46 frames of less which is 10 less than before?
  • New usage meter is segmented into 20 pieces. Levin sword takes about 3 per smash, thoron took 8

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