Smash Ultimate changes / buffs / nerfs so far

WiiGi - June 15, 2018

Keep in mind, this is all speculation and may or may not be changed on release of the game.

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  1. Global

- Semi-Melee Air Dodge

- Footstool still in game, now techable

- Invincibility still exists even if you grab ledge twice (And possibly more)

- Not as Floaty

- All characters are faster on ground

- If you side dodge, you stay in freefall for an entire second after it finishes before you can react again

- All special moves now charge up faster and some to change their direction to see competitive use

- Indication on certain character properties (Icon / notifiers)

- You can't run through opponents, you just push them indefinitely when they have their shield up

- Stage hazards can be turned off

- Grabs can be tech’d

- Ending landing lag on the entire cast has been significantly reduced

- Square indicator with players representing as a circle to show when players go off screen

- Knockback is like when you punch a balloon across the room

- You can hold a smash attack slightly longer (Or even forever, we need someone to test)

- If both players grab at the same time, they both cancel each other out

- You can Skid Cancel with all the characters

- Rage is displayed on the bottom half of the characters portrait as smoke (Appears usually after 120%)


  1. Mario

- Can't combo off of Dthrow with uptilt spam

- UpTilt has more ending lag

- Jabs have more knockback

- Throw combos, just not as easy


  1. Donkey Kong

- Fair is a lot faster

- Can neutral B in mid-air without going to free fall


  1. Link

- Dair has L-Cancel Landing lag

- CAN bomb recover by taking out a detonator bomb, Z-dropping, then detonating

- Regular Grab

- Regular Boomerang

  1. Samus

- Can charge laser in the air

- Rolling is a lot faster

- Super Homing missle travels faster

- Super homing missiles stall when fired

- Proximity DownB (Think melee, not timed base anymore)

- Dsmash has more knockback

- Screw attack kills earlier and drops faster

- She's not as floaty


  1. Yoshi

- UpB eggs bounce once after touching the ground before they pop

- Ground pound has super armor

- SideB doesn't bounce on startup

- BAir has faster startup


  1. Kirby

- Faster DownB startup

- SideB kills earlier fully charged

- Fsmash goes farther

- Down Smash has more range


  1. Fox

- More ending lag on down tilt
- SideB on the ground has more ending lag


  1. Pikachu

- Nair similar to mewtwo

- Dair can now spike


  1. Luigi
  2. Ness

- Easier to escape his SideB

- Particle effects on Nair

- UpAir is changed to a Psychic attack that goes diagonally counter-clockwise


  1. Captain Falcon


  1. Jigglypuff

- Can combo easier with her UpAir

- Can kill earlier with rest


  1. Peach

- Dtilt angle changed

- SideB hits upward horizontal


  1. Daisy

- SideB hits downward horizontal


  1. Bowser
  2. Ice Climber

- Only Popo can grab

- They don’t desync during a grab

- Nana can’t act when Popo is grabbed

- DSmash hits very wide on both sides. Without Nana it only hits in front of Popo

- SideB ends with an upwards hammer swipe if Nana is with Popo. The swipe has some sort of killing potential

- Nana has a 3X launch rate than Popo

- Nana pulls her shield out about 4 frames after Popo does (even when standing still)

- New Upair, swings hammer from vertical left to vertical right


  1. Sheik

- Fthrow has more base vertical knockback

- Fsmash improved on horizontal range

- Kept invincibility on UpB startup

- SideB doesn't put her on free fall

- Fair deals around 3% now, sweet and sourspotted


  1. Zelda

- Jab now hits multiple times

- Doesn't go on free fall after side B

- After DownB charges, she is able to act before it attacks


  1. Dr. Mario

- Has a DAir Spike


  1. Pichu

- Ftilt can trip


  1. Falco
  2. Marth

- Can now aim his neutral special move upward (And maybe even downward)


21E. Lucina

  1. Young Link
  2. Ganondorf

- Smash attacks completely changed to use his sword

- A lot more distance with Down Special

- Players can mash out of Ganoncide (SideB)

- No startup on Fair and UAir

  1. Mewtwo

- Can still cancel second jump with shadow ball charge


  1. Roy

- Can change direction on Neutral special charge


  1. Mr. Game and Watch
  2. Meta Knight

- Down Throw has a lot of base knockback


  1. Pit

- Faster arrows


28E. Dark Pit

  1. Zero Suit Samus

- Less base knockback on Upair


  1. Wario

- Dash Attack is now a shoulder bash


  1. Snake

- Can't frame 1 suicide bomber pull out a grenade (Useful to break out of a combo)

- Super armor during UpB recovery (Can't exceed 7%)

- Down Smash he kicks vertically downward forward then behind

- Upthrow is a Suplex that combos into Uptilt (38%)


  1. Ike

- Upair is significantly improved

- Neutral Special now sends 3 lava pillars along the way fully charged and can change direction


33-35E. Pokemon Trainer

- Can switch Pokemon way faster

- Can switch Pokemon in Mid-Air

- Pokemon Can't get tired

- You can switch pokemon during a combo to avoid attacks

- If you have a status effect (EX: Ink from inklings), you can switch pokemon to avoid it’s negative effects

  1. Squirtle

- Bair is now a multihit move
- Fsmash is now a water gun swipe


  1. Ivysaur
  2. Charizard


  1. Diddy Kong

- Dthrow angle changed

- Indefinite throw banana


  1. Lucas
  2. Sonic

- Can't cancel his Side B with shield

- Upthrow and Fthrow nerf'd

- Side B can't go through shields

- Not easy to land both hits of UAir


  1. King Dedede

- Bair now hits in front of him horizontally
- Can now suck to spit Gordos


  1. Olimar

- All the Pikmin grab (Maybe damage / knockback / trajectory depends on color)


  1. Lucario

- DownB is startup is almost instant


  1. R.O.B.

- More range on it's Nair

- Down throw now grounds


  1. Toon Link

- Down Smash now swings upward


  1. Wolf

- Nair is now a kick


  1. Villager

- Invincibility on Pocket

- Can pocket things with grab


  1. Mega Man

- Leaf shield hits more frequently


  1. Wii Fit Trainer
  2. Rosalina and Luma

- Luma now hides inside the shield with Rosa

- Her nair is smaller and doesn't stay out as long


  1. Little Mac

- Can act out of Side B in the air (Can even Up B or even jump)

- Can turn during neutral special charge


  1. Greninja

- Down Tilt is now a hand swipe and pops them up for a mixup / followup

- Less ending lag on water shuriken


51-53. Mii Fighter

  1. Palutena

- Down B now reflects + Counters

- SideB is now an explosive move


  1. Pac-Man

- Hydrant rolls when it lands diagonal

- Goes through the hydrant with Side B

- Hydrant bounces a lot more

- Grab is much faster

- Can punch Fire Hydrant water so he doesn't get pushed

- Side B has more range and less cooldown

- Faster fruit roulette

- Opponents can hit his UpB trampoline

- UpTilt changed


  1. Robin

- Can now angle ElWind


  1. Shulk

- Choose through monado arts by tapping neutral special


  1. Bowser Jr.

- No end lag on Neutral special

- Can eat "Food" items with downtilt


  1. Duck Hunt

- Can Dodge out of Up B


  1. Ryu

- Faces opponents during 1v1

- Can RAR Bair


  1. Cloud

- Limit only lasts 15 seconds after obtained

- UpAir doesn't hit grounded opponents

- Dair has more lag

- Nair has a smaller hitbox

- Can drop down from Up B and still snap onto ledge (Even if he’s below the ledge)


  1. Corrin
  2. Bayonetta


- Witch Time activation doesn't grant her invincibility

- Witch Time duration nerfed, you can't just Dtilt > Charge Upsmash anymore

- If Heel Slide hits the shield, she can't use the kick! Heel Slide also can't crossup the shield.
- WTw into ABK at low-mid percent won't combo, you can Airdodge. Directional Airdodges will let you avoid frametraps from her aerials in this scenario.

- If you extend Nair to use it's bullet arts property, you will land with more lag (?)

- Bullet Climax can't instantly be cancelled anymore, you have to wait until the bullets charge.

- Dive Kick doesn't seem to autocancel anymore

  1. Inkling

- Attacks can still inflict ink even if your opponent holds shield

- Can recover HP at a pace when inside the ink

- If inkling sprays the floor, the more ink she has the faster she moves, the higher her up B

- If an enemy is covered with ink, they get dealt more damage from ALL sources, not just inklings
- SideB Buries anyone hit and pushes the player along if they hold shield, the more damage, the longer they’ll be buried

- Deals damage upon landing with UpB

  1. Ridley

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Hey man! I found something you forgot about wario, Apparently in the same trailer where he got revealed, He also shown off a new forward tilt! Here is the image link if you wanna see for yourself
Infernal Flames - June 14, 2018
Aw, the lightshot / print screen isn't working for me, but I am curious! Thank you again!
WiiGi - June 15, 2018
That explosive move on Palutena is one of her SSB4 customs, Explosive Flame.
MarioManTAW - June 25, 2018
One change you forgot to mention for Bayonetta is that her Witch Time seems to be capable of affecting multiple opponents now, according to her character trailer.
Ragman - July 3, 2018

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