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The Wi-Fi Warrior Rank: The Definitive Wi-Fi Top 50 Ranking!

Cloudhead - June 20, 2018

In Smash 4, built-in online capabilities and all-purpose competitive sites like mean that the Wi-fi communities have never been stronger. Anyone can play in bracket any day they want from the comfort of their own home, with nothing but a console, a game disc, and (hopefully) a LAN adapter to their name. From one-offs to weeklies to full-blown circuits with prizes up the wazoo, high-level competition is nowadays just a click away.

Most notably, though, the online scene features a hodge-podge of top players that are by and large separate from the names at the top of the offline rankings. Despite this, there's never been a plan to organize this enormous community into a proper power ranking... until now! Ten of the biggest series in the Smash 4 Wi-Fi scene are out to answer these burning questions with the first ever online top 50 ranking: the Wi-fi Warrior Rank!

Since the start of the calendar year, our team has been compiling results from ten major wi-fi series and putting them all together in a massive rankings sheet. Our goal? To officially find out who the 50 best players in the entire Wi-fi scene are, using data from the first half of this year! But before the official reveal this July, it's time to explore just what the Wi-fi Warrior Rank - or WWR - is all about.

How It's Done

The first thing you may notice is that we've listed a specific group of tournament series above. That is no mistake; the WWR is not open-entry when it comes to which events can qualify, and we instead pull from a semi-predetermined list of weekly series. The list of series is as follows:

Series Day(s) TOs
Smashurai Dojo Tuesday (Mini), Saturday (Circuit/Summit) GME, Jay, Pengu, Poncle, Ravenking, RyanDCB
Eclipse Series Monday (Flamewave Neo), Friday (Eclipse Smash), Sunday (Smash Bash) Cloudhead, Erik, Nibodax, Tacos
Smashing Legends Wednesday, Saturday Dual, Eragon, KenryckYT, Powergeorge5, TRexLordSW
Breaking Point Thursday Copper, Frunk
King's Court Wednesday Ergka, King
Smash Station Thursday Abraxas, SlickJ
Sunday Smash Attack Sunday Illusion, KenryckYT
TVSeries Friday 200X, Conway, Gravy, MagZ, VaR
Wary Fighter Wednesdays Formerly Friday (currently defunct) N/A

Due to the incredibly large amount of tournaments on and the considerable difficulty of recording and evaluating all of them, we stuck to this list rather than include all one-off events and risk missing important ones. However, this list is not set in stone; the "semi-predetermined" nature means that it has been and still can be changed. As new tournament series rise in size and prominence, our team adds them to the list accordingly, so that the most notable series are always represented properly. You might notice the omission of some notable series; we opted to not include any tournament in the WWR that restricts its entrants in any way, including sub-only or region-locked events.

Once we compile the list of tournaments that will go into the rankings, we check them against a modified tournament tier system that shifts at certain intervals in the season, organizing them into C, B, A, and S-tier events. Tournaments rise in tiers the more packed with entrants and top players they become. Each of the top players at these events get points for their placements and the wins they garner on top players, with placements capping at each player's 6 best showings and wins stacking indefinitely. The fifty players with the most points overall are the ones that make it onto the final Wi-fi Warrior Rank!

The Big Reveal and Plans for the Future

The season will officially end on the last day of June, so none of our data is final, and all qualifying events from these series still count toward the final rankings. Once the season ends, we'll whip up our final product, and then the world will see the official WWR! It will be unveiled in intervals of 10 every other day directly before the PGR's reveal dates. Each player on the ranking will get their own individualized playercard as well, showcasing their mains, region, best placings, and notable wins! The reveal dates are as follows:

  • #41-50 - Saturday, July 14th
  • #31-40 - Monday, July 16th
  • #21-30 - Wednesday, July 18th
  • #11-20 - Friday, July 20th
  • #1-10 - Sunday, July 22nd

So keep fighting your way through bracket for the rest of the season; there's still more time to change things. Never give up!

However, it is true that the WWR was in the dark for the longest time, so there wasn't any time for people to actually fight for a spot on the rankings if no one knew it existed. That kind of sucks, doesn't it? Yeah, I suppose it does. But don't worry! We have every intention of continuing with a WWRv2, starting immediately at the beginning of July and extending until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's release this December! We'd never leave you hanging with just one ranking; we're going all the way.

With all that said, all we can do now is play for our spots and wait for the big reveal - and for next season! Our team is looking forward to unveiling the final product and seeing everyone's celebration, surprise, and angry yelling. We'll see you at the finish line, and at the starting line for the next one!

-The WWR Team: Tacos, Cloudhead, & Dexter

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Smash Station hosts on: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The TOs for Smash Station are: Abraxas, Frawg, Fried Eggs, Illusion, KenryckYT, Mother/EB, Skeleton, SlickJ, TRexLord.
SlickJ - July 24, 2018

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