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White House Smash League Power Rankings Spring - Summer 2018 #6-10

White House Smash League - August 14, 2018

These ranks indicate the best players in the White House Smash League, based on set records, head to head stats, and tournament placings. 

10. Marchos

     With a rough year on the fronts of both gameplay and organization, Marcos "Marchos" Leonardo ends up at 10th place for his first White House Smash League Season. He had an extreme lack of participation (No participation in singles events). He ended up being DQ'd from the season one finale and taking last place at 9th. Despite his disappointing presence this season, he had a somewhat promising showing at the MTC vs. NFCA crew battle, taking a stock off of high-ranked Lumpy.  With better scheduling, he has a chance to show his potential.

9. Skyhill

     Even with his inability to take a win this season, attendance gave Jakob "Skyhill" Munday the leg up over Marchos this season. Unfortunately, he had close games with BigK's, RetroV1bes, and other NFCA players, but he failed to put together a win, so he ends up at 9th for the Spring.  Hopefully we can see him put in work in Season 2 before the release of Ultimate, where he is sure to be a contender!

8. HyperLuminax

     With a miracle bracket in the WHSL Finale, JJ "HyperLuminax" Tuggy makes his debut at number 7 in White House. He was able to get three wins due to DQ's after SMBX and Marchos had scheduling issues, giving him 3rd place in MTC Groups and a 7th place finish at the most stacked tournament of the season.  He also managed to have surprisingly close sets with every player who challenged him, making it not too far fetched to say that he has a chance of moving up the ranks next season, especially with his postseason switch to Captain Falcon.


     Ranked for the second and final time in White House is Hunter "SMBX" Evans. SMBX is a Marth player whose roots as a WH Melee player go all the way back to 2016, with his debut at the White House Invitational. His peak tournament of the season was at Prelude 2018, where he took an impressive 3rd place, even taking games off of HopesAndMemes.

     Unfortunately, he was unable to keep up with some of the other players and their new styles, and some unlucky DQ's gave him a slightly inflated loss record. This puts him at the Number 7 spot on the Spring ranks.  Even more unfortunately, he relocated to Nevada in July, so he will not be competing in the final two White House Smash League seasons.  Despite this, wherever he may go, we want to make it clear that Hunter Evans always has a spot at home <3

6. RetroV1bes

     Coming in at Number 6, just narrowly missing top 5, is Max "RetroV1bes" Wilson.  If there was an award for most improved in the WHSL, it would go to RetroV1bes.  After being completely new to the game just a year ago, RetroV1bes picked up Fox and rose quickly, becoming a force to be reckoned with. He took 4th at Prelude 2018 due to a DQ, and had heartbreaking losses at Meme Night I and the Finale that cost him his coveted Top 5.  If he continues on his path, he has potential to even break into top 4 in the Fall Season.

So that leaves 5. Find out how the rest of the list stacks up on Tuesday, August 13th, 2018.

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