White House Smash League Power Rankings Spring - Summer 2018 #1-5

White House Smash League - August 14, 2018

These ranks indicate the best players in the White House Smash League, based on set records, head to head stats, and tournament placings.

Time to announce this season's top 5:

5. Bangkok

     After a pretty unassuming year overall, Simon "Bangkok" Epting burst on the scene at the White House Smash League Finale.  He stunned NFCA groups, becoming 3rd seed with two upsets over RetroV1bes and taking games off of Lumpy.  In his playoff match, he got a DQ win on SMBX after his schedule conflict, but he was projected to win that match anyways.  What he showed at the finale is that he has potential.  If he can take his skill and refine it closely, he has a chance to be a top 3 player.

4. BigK's

     Chris "BigK's" Walsh could most accurately be called the "Loose Cannon" of the top 4.  He had solid placings throughout the year, making a phenomenal debut at Meme Night I where as a non-league player at the time he took wins over Skyhill and a monumental Game 5 upset against RetroV1bes, losing only to Mr. Miyagi and Lumpy.  After that tournament, the momentum didn't stop. He got 3rd at the next Meme Night, which was a fair showing for that tournament, but it was at the WHSL Finale that he showed his growth as a player.  There, he finished 2nd in his group, advancing to playoffs where he lost close sets to HopesAndMemes and Lumpy, but in his Losers Semifinals match against Mr. Miyagi, he triggered his true form.  After having a losing record to Mr. Miyagi for the year, BigK's fired back with a quick 3-0, eliminating the 2nd seed for the tournament at a lack-luster 4th. If BigK's continues to dedicate his time to improvement, that won't be the only upset he is known for. 


3. Mr. Miyagi

     The story of Corbin "Mr. Miyagi" Tomes in 2018 is one of a steep rise and of a harsh fall.  With extremely strong showings at Prelude and Meme Night I, Mr. Miyagi established himself as the second best player in the WHSL early in the year.  A veteran in White House Smash, having a rivalry with HopesAndMemes from the very start,  it seemed like this would be the year that Mr. Miyagi would finally dethrone him, becoming the best.  No matter how many times HopesAndMemes crawled back from the clutches of defeat, the sets between the two became closer and closer.  This uphill climb came crashing down, though, when Mr. Miyagi took a month hiatus before the WHSL Finale. At the event, It seemed like the Mr. Miyagi that had been seen for the entire year was gone. He lost both of his MTC Group sets with HopesAndMemes, and both sets were 2-0.  The Playoffs proved to be the final nail in the coffin, as he lost heartbreaking sets to Lumpy and BigK's, getting an uncharacteristic placing of 4th at the event.  One thing that we know, though, is that if he gets momentum and keeps it throughout the next season, he might become unstoppable.

2. Lumpy

     With consistent placements throughout the year and an explosive finish at WHSL Finale, Andrew "Lumpy" Corbitt is undoubtedly the second best player in the White House Smash League currently.  He has a perfect record against everyone outside of the top 3, and he finished the year with a set win over Mr. Miyagi, who was a large obstacle for him during the season.  In grand finals of the Finale, Lumpy took HopesAndMemes to his absolute limit, going up 2-1 and forcing a 3 stock comeback in Game 4.  From this and his domination of all other players in the league except for Mr. Miyagi, he cemented himself as one of the best that White House has ever seen.  Now he must try to get the crown for himself.

1. HopesAndMemes

      With a perfect season and four out of four possible tournament wins under his belt, Sean "HopesAndMemes" Jones is the undeniable best player in the White House Smash League.  He has substantial win rates over the remainder of the top 2, as well as having wins over almost every player in the league while having not a single set loss during the season.  Despite this, he is beatable as shown by the many sets where if it weren't for his ability to clutch out sets, his record would have many faults, and if he doesn't continue to improve, then there will be countless players lined up to take away his number 1 spot. Will he keep his White House Smash tournament win streak alive, or will he finally be contested? Find out in the season opener.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all of the supporters of WHSL! Looking forward to this year!

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