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How to practice timing Neutral get up grabs (Ledge)

Spencer (Canada) - August 30, 2018

Zero's ledge traps are amazing everytime they roll he grabs it, everytime they jump he already has a fair out, every time they neutral getup he grabs them. His ledge trapping is precise and makes the opponent feel helpless. You think to yourself "That could be me!" but instead everytime a falcon does a standard get up and you grab, instead BAM falcon jab to the face, or wake up shoryu everyday of the week. Well what this means is you should start practicing your neutral get up timing today! Well lucky for you level one cpu's always choose neutral get up. Here is a step by step breakdown on how to get the most out of this strategy.


Step 1) Pick a level one Cpu.

Step 2) Pick Final Destination or Any omega Stage.

Step 3) Throw the cpu offstage.

Step 4) The Cpu will instantly jump take it with an arial.

Step 5) The Cpu will now return to ledge.

Step 6) Now you can set up for the neutral get up, Make sure to shield so you don't get clipped by any 
Up B Hit boxes

Step 7) Time the neutral get up grab and hold them till you get a grab release. (Don't move)

Step 8) Some characters with higher jumps will be able to jump over you so catch their jump(s) with a light move like a single jab. I use diddy kong D-tilt.

Step 9) They will regrab

Step 10) Rinse and repeat Steps 7-9. 




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