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Smash Ultimate New Character Analysis: Chrom

Jak8 - September 5, 2018

So, I will just let you guys know right now, I main Roy in Smash 4 and Project M both (but not Melee; I main Marth and Shiek in Melee), so I feel like I can give you guys a solid opinion on what exactly Chrom might play like compared to Roy. I will probably post a few character analysis blogs overtime, but I might not get that much time to do stuff like this due to college. Either way, let's get started with discussing Chrom!

Chrom Is A Mixture of Lucina, Marth, Ike, and Roy
While this is true, don't take that for granted (at least, not entirely). Chrom has all of Roy's normals as far as hitboxes and animations is concerned. However, he does have a Lucina property to him where his attacks are all balanced across the sword for damage and knockback. Of course, one high point of contention for me is that Roy had a VERY powerful forward smash when sweetspotted, and it actually seems like Chrom's might only be a little bit less powerful, if you consider the gameplay clips that surfaced not too long ago on YouTube. If Chrom is SUPPOSED to have only somewhat weaker attacks than Roy's sweetspots, then that just means nothing but good news for Chrom, as they offer more combo potential as well as more kill potential.

Chrom's Recovery is AWFUL!
With all of that being said, Chrom's recovery is definitely his weakest characteristic. Assuming he weighs the same as Roy and also has the same fall speed as Roy when the game comes out, having Ike's up-b but not his SIDE-b will make recovering hard for Chrom, especially horizontally. Heck, in the gameplay clip, Chrom was dead, but was SAVED by the lava on Brinstar, but obviously competitive play would not feature a hazard like that, so Chrom was dead. Now, Roy already didn't have the best recovery in the game, what with his fast fall speed and only decent recovery move as far as height goes (it was alright for horizontal recovery). I feel that either Chrom should have gotten Roy's recovery move or should have also gotten Ike's side-b. But hey, every character's gotta have a weakness, right? Hopefully that's the only one he has, because I haven't noticed any glaring issue otherwise, and that would still make him a VERY good character.
If I put him on a tier list, I would rank him at least one tier above Roy if not two or even three if Roy is just about where he was in Smash 4.

If you guys want to discuss this more, feel free to.

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