Everything We Know About Yoshi In Ultimate So Far

Dr. Robotnik - September 18, 2018

With Ultimate around the corner, and Yoshi being the only vet of the original 8 not playable, its important to understand why. As builds have progressed, they have constantly been showing more and more of Yoshi. Out of the original 8, Yoshi and Link have gotten the largest changes to their kit and how they work, and new things are still being seen for yoshi. Below will show everything we know about Yoshi thus far, and then we will touch base on the possibilites these bring for the redesign of yoshi.

Air Speed: As of the most recent build seen in trailers, Yoshi retains his incredibly fast air speed from smash 4.

Fall Speed: Shown with the across the cast changes, Yoshi can fall faster than his smash 4 counter part. This was a huge buff to yoshi as his fall speed left him very vulnerable and in some mu down right impossible to get down.

Run: Yoshi has a new running animation, unknown how it relates to his speed in smash 4 as we dont see a full sprint, but yoshi now stands more up right which will decrease his vulnerability on approach.

Jump: Very fast vertical climb for full hop, a great buff to yoshi in addition coupled with jump squat buff.

Double Jump: hasnt been seen attacked. Has had armor since 64, so doubt its going away since egg toss is the same. How strong the armor will be is a mystery. Easily could be the thing crippling yoshi or making him a monster.

Grab: while the hit box for grab seems to linger longer than smash 4, the big change comes from holding the opponent. Yoshi now stands more up right and holds them in his cheeks. This will mean grounded grab release will be gone. Nothing substantial about throws yet.

Egg Toss: Eggs now bounce. How many times is still unknown, but the end lag/start up/ and mobility while throwing eggs is slightly better than his smash 4 counter part. Yoshi will now have more time to set up combos with eggs, and since eggs have set knock back and projectiles stale on shield, yoshi is heavily rewarded for hitting shield with eggs.

Bair - Now back to having 4 hits, the first 3 are soft knock back hits with the 4th being a power hit. Its very much a combo of Brawl and Smash 4's bair, giving it both combo and kill properties. Additionally, the time between hits is much smaller potentially making all but the last hit relitively safe on shield.

Ground Pound (ground version): Few changes. First, the start up now has armor, as seen absorbing the raptor boost from captain falcon, second, yoshi travels vertically much higher than his smash 4 counterpart. damage out put seen in trailers shows grounded has the same out put as of current build, making this a parry kill option.

Ground Pound (Aerial version): The recent direct discussion online showed us Yoshi using ground pound through the plat form. It is still unclear if aerial just always goes through platforms, or you can just hold down to go through. Still unknown if grounded version can also go through platforms. A gif of this is located on my twitter.

Jump Squat: first shown to be frame 1, most recent build now has at 3 frames.

Nair: Two versions seen already, most recent build is more akin to Brawls nair as the foot grows much larger. Still frame 3. This means in the time it takes you to jump and nair (6 frames with active hit box on frame 6) is a frame faster to be air borne in smash 4 (6 frame jump squat, start nair on frame 7 for active frame 9). Its unclear if Yoshi's damage/KB is the same for nair, but theoretically its the same since the frame data is. If it gained power but not frame nerf that would be odd. What this will mean though with the 15 percent less KB and damage for short hop attacks is that Yoshi will have even more confirms out of nair than he did in smash 4.

Dair: Many more hits for duration, no idea on damage out put yet as only seen once. This change is likely due to shield locking being removed. Still safe on shield, but shield breaks likely not to happen again. No footage of last hit connect so unclear if still sends up or out like smash 4, or semi spike like melee/brawl.

Shield: It is still unclear how yoshi's power shield is going to work. in the trailer we see yoshi do 2 shield peppering on the platform where his egg doesnt even form. It could just be from early build, but it truly is a mystery right now. Praying we dont get a nerf here where we cant jump/attack out of shield again that smash 4 had fixed as it could instantly make yoshi drop several tiers.

Egg Roll: Similar to PM, Yoshi now instantly lands and speeds up in egg roll, showing better speed and mildly more knock back.

Egg Lay: The same as smash 4, no idea how long they stay in egg yet.

Dash attack: Shown to be the same animation, but less length than smash 4. Did not hit in the 1 instance we see it, so relitively unknown.

Smash/tilts: Still a grey area. Down smash has been seen but not the start up or it connect.

Fair/upair: Still havent seen but something still to note about fair. As more and more footage comes in, a universal change that has been noticed is that if you land any attack that has a meteor with its strong box, it will always meteor and not send out to the side or up anymore. If Fair is the same as smash 4, this could be a very reliable kill option for yoshi, in addition to yoshis air speed and universal end lag reduction making it even safer on shield than it was in smash 4. Time will tell if this is the case.

Jab: Hasnt been seen, but something worth noting is the lack of knock back on jabs universally will mean jab 1 into attacks are likely gone, making it the only true nerf to yoshi.


Meta for Yoshi: Eggs and yoshi's vertical fall and jump, coupled with his horizontal air mobility is going to make yoshi a zone bruiser. jump squat buff is going to allow yoshi to get in close and retreat fast. yoshi has great smash attacks and tilts that will benefit from the ability to do anything out of dash providing they dont change, but as yoshi has changed in almost every iteration of smash, they could. Bouncing eggs are very much like gordo's and provide a very good trap and punish game for yoshi and have less risk due to them being out longer as they can be used at a greater distance and still be combo'd off of. 

With crazy great frame data, speed, and the ability to recover high (in a game where recovering will be very hard), Yoshi is superior to his smash 4 iteration easily. With his greatest MU problems of cloud, sheik, mario and more being nerfed, rage with a potential to be toggled making him live longer, Yoshi could very well be top of high tier or even bottom of top tier right out the gate. By fixing the issues Yoshi had, which was primarily falling and getting in, Yoshi has the potential to be one of the strongest characters and easily the best version of Yoshi across the series.


Edit 1: Something I did forget to touch on, we still havent seen Yoshi's Roll. It was one of the worst rolls in smash 4, if it is improved even slightly it will be good for yoshi.

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I notice the down b went through the platform in the Nintendo online overview, Nice to see I wasn't the only one
-Neutral B and grab have a way larger reach than his smash 4 counterpart
-Final smash hasn't been revealed yet
Involving super dragon?

Birdo / Crafted World / Wooley World | Alt. skins Possibly?
Corduroy - October 8, 2018
Apparently, Yoshi's roll is the same, maybe a Frame faster though

Yoshi has a new u-air which looks like his new f-tilt where he swings his
tail in a crest above him
- this may have better horizontal reach
- may still be a reliable kill option
Corduroy - November 7, 2018

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