Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2: #41-50

Cloudhead - November 28, 2018

The Wi-fi Warrior Rank is a top 50 ranking devoted to the online Smash 4 scene, a global community where hundreds, perhaps thousands of unique players throw down and show their skills every day. For this v2 season, we've collected data from nine series spanning from July to this November, and we're releasing our top 50 in time to go full-force into the new Smash Bros. Ultimate! Read here for more information on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank and the weeklies that contribute to it, and join the Wi-fi Warrior Central discord to stay updated on its release.

The top 50 will be unveiled in groups of 10 every other day starting on Tuesday, November 27th. Stay tuned to SSBWorld.com to make sure you don’t miss any of the reveals!

  • Tuesday, Nov 27th @ 7:45 PM EDT: #41-50
  • Thursday, Nov 29th @ 6:00 PM EDT: #31-40
  • Saturday, Dec 1 @ TBA: #21-30
  • Monday, Dec 3 @ TBA: #11-20
  • Wednesday, Dec 5 @ TBA: #1-10


Please note that the results outlined in the graphics and paragraphs are not the full extent of the WWR's data. So long as a placing or win occurred at a tournament included in the ranking, it is represented in the full WWR data and properly contributed to the final product.


You might know him as one of the TOs for Smashing Legends. And Smash Station. And Sunday Smash Attack, and Take the L Tuesdays. No matter where you know TRexLordSW from, now you know him as the #50 player on the WWRv2. He reached a mighty accomplishment by scoring a top 8 finish in all but one active series, and taking sets from big names like Zaxel and Blank in doing so. He’ll seed your tournament, resolve your lag tests, and take you out in bracket - TRex can do it all.



Our first returning WWR member, Zixvy makes it to the #49 spot on the back of a strong season. His record is supported by a top 16 finish at A-tier major Chemdev Saga, and a bronze at B-tier FWN 22, beating Chemdev himself at the latter. An ever-dangerous competitor and a leader of a stacked crew, Wi-fi’s bluest Mewtwo isn’t going anywhere any time soon.



nalexander94 is a new low-tier main on the block who turned heads with a late-season surge. The rising Ganondorf main first broke out at Eclipse Smash #53, taking 2nd after overcoming a gauntlet of Horse, Simon, KenryckYT, and Joxon. He continued until season’s end, placing in top 8 at three of the last four Take the L Tuesdays of the year, and solidified himself as a top competitor in the scene. If his meteoric rise continues into Ultimate, he’s poised to go nowhere but up; keep an eye on nalex over the course of the new year.



No one is more deserving of the low-tier hero title than iTheta, who returns to the WWR for a second straight season using only the Miis and Little Mac. He’s long cemented himself as a top 8 regular at Smashing Legends, such as his 2nd place showing at SL 81 that saw him defeat Raza, Spirit, and SpaceMiner. Your matchup knowledge will be put to the test against iTheta, whose character roster is skilled beyond its tiers. Don’t be upset if you lose, though - it’s not you, it’s Mii.



Karuyaka makes it into the WWRv2 at 46th, being the first player to make top 50 solely through one series. He made his outings at Eclipse count, reaching top 16 at both of their majors: 13th at RobinGG Edition and 9th at Mushroom Kingdom Edition, between which he took sets from Copper, Zenkai, and Pokelam. If that egg-celent record continues, you can expect to see a lot more of him on these rankings in the future - as long as Eclipse has big money tournaments, Karuyaka will be there to show up for them.



Another former HM turned top 50 member, Derek9742 continues the tradition of hard-hitting Shulk players tearing up Wi-fi. Between his top 8s at majors SL Monthly 11 and SS: Zenkai Saga, he ousted players like Joxon, KenryckYT, iTheta, and RosaGetsFit. Never sleep on Derek, whose skill with the Monado is steadily rising. His solid record at majors proves he’s got what it takes to compete with the best.



It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this! Sword was previously one of many good Wi-fi Link mains, but he rose above the crowd over the course of the season, and now stands as the best Link around. His season culminated in a win at the centennial SL, the perfect cherry on top of a season that featured wins over Rax, Blank, Zenkai, and more. Let’s cut right to the point - this is a player to watch, and if he can stay sharp in the new game, Sword’s ranking is set to go skyward.



Lumbre turns up the heat at #43, firing into the WWR with solo Ness. While he gave solid performances across the board, such as 9th place at B-tier FWN 15 and SL 73, TVSeries was his true stomping grounds. He began the season with 5th place or higher at 5 of 6 weeklies, including a win at Episode 4 over the likes of Sharp, Sword, and SpaceMiner. With a stat line to be admired, no one can deny Lumbre’s prowess; his spot on the WWRv2 is more than deserved.

(Note: The X-factor survey we used was based on a nearly finished but incomplete version of the WWR. Lumbre did not meet attendance requirements at the time we released the survey, but did at season’s end. For this reason, he does not have an X-factor.)



Many things are shocking about Carvia, but his presence on the WWR shouldn’t be one of them. Many of his electric performances came at the start of the season, such as 5th place at Smashurai Mini 31 and a stretch at Eclipse in which he defeated RobinGG multiple times. His 2nd place at Smash Station 99 is perhaps his most impressive achievement, where he defeated Burst, Spirit, and Homura. His main choice of Pikachu is being touted as the potential best character in Ultimate; knowing that, all eyes should be on Carvia, now and in the new game.



Having already taken sets from PGR players at supermajors, pokeout breaks into the WWR at #41. He’s supported by several great performances at big tournaments, such as 7th place at the B-tier Dragonborn Finale and 9th at the S-tier Smashurai Finale. Over the course of the season, he took sets from players like Zane, TRexLordSW, Prospect, and ForbiddenOne. With consistency online and flashes of brilliance offline, pokeout should have nothing limiting him in the future.


Congratulations to #41-50 of the Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2! The next reveal comes on Thursday at 6:00 PM EDT with #31-40. We'll see all of you then for the next batch!

-The WWR Team

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