Why I won't be a top player at the start of Ultimate in my region and thats okay.

Dr. Robotnik - November 29, 2018

While it's a hard pill to swallow, I objectively and critically look at the presented information I am presented. Thankfully getting what equates to about 8 hours total with Ultimate so far I have been able to refect on where I will likely end up.

I have been competing in smash since early 2006. Competing in the birth of 2 official and 1 non official smash (brawl, pm, and 4), I was a gate keeper player in brawl (understood the game, but neutral game and character choice held me back) had a break out in pm where my neutral improved along with character viability, and dominated in 4 maintaining a top PR position in my region all 4 years.

Despite all this, none of it came easy. I am not naturally gifted, nor am I the Rock Lee of gaming where hard work relentlessly equates to results. Due to my long history and muscle engrained movements I have been able to continue to thrive. But this will no longer be the case in smash ultimate.

I am getting beyond my peak and have noticed slower reaction times to things I was sharp on before. Still the spry age of 27, married for 8 years and a daughter of 5, with a career and responsibilities, I just dont have the time I used to grind out bad behavior and devote to competition without serious reprocution as it takes me beyond what it does others to comprehend and apply new information in match despite being analytical enough to theory craft a thousand possibilities outside the game.

Many are going to crash and burn in ultimate. Many are going to struggle to stay afloat. This games potential is unlike anything in the franchise, and those who do have the game early and are grinding every day before launch are going to be at such a massive advantage. If the only thing remarkable about your fundamentals in any of the smash was exploitation of gimmicks without any neutral game visible, I am sorry to say you're going to find Ultimate a very hardening experience that might break your spirits.

I dont see any character so gimmickly bound that it will save people from this fate.

Inherently, Ultimate aligns with the way I like to play, but only time will tell if its going to be enough for me to overcome my own weaknesses as a player to rise to the top of my region and beyond. We are about to embark on a new frontier, and I am afraid and excited.

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