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Cagt - December 4, 2018

With the end of Smash 4 and Ultimate on the horizon, New England Smash 4 has decided to put together a final Top 50 rankings of the best players the region has seen.

This PR takes all results between 2017-2018 and analyzes the peak wins, placements, and consistency of each player. With New England being a very large region composed of 6 states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont), there are a lot of players that were in the running for this final ranking. However, after analyzing the data, we believe these 50 players represent our region the best.

Without further ado, here is the NER!


No. 50: Ethan "6:30" Perreault
Both a newcommer to Smash 4 and the NER, New Hampshire's 6:30 kicks off the rankings on a timely manner! While his career debuted in 2017 and wasn't ranked in his own state until later that year, that didn't stop him from very quickly improving at the game and wracking up a nice set of wins for himself. Peaking out at 4th in NH (and rumored to be even higher this season), NE's northern Diddy main gained wins on names such as Dill, Glare, Kerchak, Nuggetz, and Pilgrim, and had some solid placings in the likes of 13th at Overclocked III, and 7th at Tips Out! 1. Despite having shifted his ROB from a main to a secondary, that didn't stop him from improving, and we hope to see him grow more in Ultimate!

No. 49: Joshua "TheRealJDawgz" Son
UMass Lowell's Smash 4 & Melee top player proves to be a force to be reckoned with outside his college too as he lands on the NER! While JDawgz is not new to Smash 4, he hasn't been able to go to events outside his school until later in the game's lifespan. But the wait was worth it: picking up wins on the likes of Cagt, Captain Q, DM, Magewizzo, and Ntarps, he proved himself to be a prominent Fox main in New England, and even pushed himself further by placing 33rd at Shine 2018. You might not see him very often outside of UML, but if you do, be prepared for quite showing.

No. 48: Dylan "Mr. Escalator" Smith
Never sleep on a TO - the man behind Batter Up Smash, Mr. Escalator, lands at the 48th spot of the NER. Acting as New Hampshire most prominent community leader, this Rosalina/Game & Watch duo sneaked in some nasty wins throughout his Smash 4 career, most notably Captain Q, DM, Glare, Scot, and ShampooMaster. Despite being mainly known as a Tournament Organizer, he is no slouch to competition, and has proven himself to be a strong player throughout NE, especially in his home state of NH where he peaked at 2nd in the Fall 2017 season. Where will he escalate to next?

No. 47: Corey "Exciled" Adams
Smash 4's imminent ending didn't stop Exciled from continuing to improve, as he secures his spot on the NER. Being a longtime regular of the southern MA scene, he's been actively competing in Smash 4 for some time now. But he only very recently broke out of his shell, taking a phenomenal win over Ralphie, as well as DM, Kev_aROS, Ntarps, and ShampooMaster. Closing out his career with a 13th place finish at the New England Arcadian III and a 9th place finish at Overclocked IV, Exciled will only be looking to improve even more as Ultimate comes by. 

No. 46: Ben "Splash Damage" Auditore
One of the OGs of the New England Smash 4 scene, Splash Damage comes in at the #46 spot. While he built his reputation as a Little Mac main, his switch to Ryu in the later half of the game's competitive lifespan proved to be effective for our young player, as he snatched wins on the likes of Axiom XL, Captain Q, DM, Pelca and Scot. He's also gotten some solid placements, such as 7th at GUMS 11 and 13th at the New England Arcadian II. With his artistic passion and non-stop Twitter presence, you can be sure to see him as active as ever during the upcoming Ultimate era.

No. 45: Ian "Ian" Rocha
While we're on the topic of young talent - Connecticut's Ian rides into in the NER at the 45th spot! Previously known as WriteGrammer, this Bowser Jr. main didn't travel much outside his home state of CT, which put him under the radar to many players in New England. But rest assured that he performed back home, getting wins on Freelancer Leo, Nelvin, Scot, Tony Pajamas, and Tanark. With 7th place finish at the Invasion 19 monthly, and a 65th place finish at Shine 2018, this boy's looking to continue rising up the ranks in the next iteration of Smash!

No. 44: Noah "Sharp" McCulley
Wrapping up the streak of young players, we have Rhode Island's very own Sharp! This Sheik/Diddy Kong dual-main was definitely a sleeper player throughout New England Smash 4's lifespan, as he barely attended outside his region. But he was also no slouch back home, as he quietly racked up wins on Chavo, Craftis, Kogarasuma, SpaceMario, and Xaria. With two consistent 65th place finishes at Shine 2017 and 2018, Sharp's looking to increase his presence throughout New England and show people that he isn't one to forget about!

No. 43: Nick "Sage" Streifel 
After building his reputation as Connecticut's "Arcadian Killer" and inching his way onto the CT PR, Sage marks his spot on the NER. While he's also one of the region's "hidden bosses" as he doesn't travel outside his state very often, he's made himself known by taking down players such as Aerial Ace, Chavo, Nelvin, Scot, and Xion. Additionally, he's had very respectable placings at Invasion 19 and 23, where he placed 13th and 9th respectively. Working full-time may be holding him back from travelling more, but rest assured he's definitely looking to keep performing in bracket.

No. 42: Chris "Pilgrim" Staton
Another longstanding member of the New England Smash 4 scene, Pilgrim secures his spot at #42 on the NER. Having gone through multiple characters in his career such as Luigi and Villager, he finally settled on Alph and grabbed some very impressive wins. Beating players such as Cagt, Komota, Pugwest, Raffi-X, and THUNDER, as well as placing 25th at both Overclocked and the New England Arcadian II, Pilgrim is definitely a threat to many in bracket. While he may have very inconsistent season and is often caught up with work as he teaches Middle School, you can be sure to see him make a run in bracket.

No. 41: Jeremiah "EPM" Cossa
This SoCal native closes out the first section of the NER with at #41! EPM's studies in Boston have prove to be very effective, as he's left a lasting impact on the scene overall. After having gotten wins over Axiom XL, Captain Q, Cagt, Kuma, and Raffi-X, as well as placing 9th at GUMS 18 and 65th at Shine 2017, EPM has shown us is he a major threat to many NE players. While he originally debuted as a Fox main, he slowly made the transition to Corrin throughout his career and has shown no signs of backing down. Be sure to keep up withn this player as he continues to pinpoint wins left and right in Ultimate!

- Jon "ActualGarbage" Hoyt - @Actual_Garbage_
- Seth "Big Spill" Kary - @BiGSPiLL_
- Cyrus "Cagt" Gharakhanian - @Cagt3000
- Riley "Captain Q" Freeman - @CaptainQssb
- Darius "Koolaid" Hill - @LaidFitness
- Dylan "Mr Escalator" Smith - @MrEscalator

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All descriptions and graphics are written and designed by Cagt.

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