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NER: 40-31

Cagt - December 4, 2018

With the end of Smash 4 and Ultimate on the horizon, New England Smash 4 has decided to put together a final Top 50 rankings of the best players the region has seen.

This PR takes all results between 2017-2018 and analyzes the peak wins, placements, and consistency of each player. With New England being a very large region composed of 6 states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont), there are a lot of players that were in the running for this final ranking. However, after analyzing the data, we believe these 50 players represent our region the best.

Without further ado, here is the NER!

No. 40: Matt "Kerchak" Westover
The DK extraordinaire himself makes an appearance on the NER! As another veteran of the New England Smash 4 scene, Kerchak is no slouch when it comes to performing in bracket. Going from two tag changes (Mr. Sir > DTD > Kerchak) didn't stop him from racking up wins on Aerial Ace, DM, Hero, Ntarps, Pugwest, and more, as well as finishing 65th at Shine 2017. He is a constant force to be reckoned with, and we're excited to see what he does in Ultimate.

No. 39: Zakai "ATARi" Brown
A longtime member of the New England scene dating all the way back to Brawl, ATARi marks his presence once more, this time on the NER. He proved that a new game didn't stop him from excelling, as he gathered up wins on the likes of Captain Q, Craftis, Ralphie, SpaceMario and Xaria. Furthermore, his placements are also nothing to scoff at, as he placed 9th at both Overclocked 3 and GUMS 20. He is also a phenomenal Doubles player, placing 9th in Smash 4 Doubles with Pugwest at Shine 2017. Be sure to keep track of him in the coming months!

No. 38: Nick "Xaria" Sanford
Rhode Island's premiere Bayonetta makes an appearance on the NER at #38. Being one of the many young talented players of the region, Xaria has proven his skills by taking down the likes of ATARi, Craftis, Kev_aROS, Pugwest and SpaceMario, and placing at a solid 25th at Overclocked IV and 65th at Shine 2017. Wherever you see him, you will always see him wearing his trusty blue scarf, ready to take down any name in his path. Be sure to keep an eye on him as he continues to grow in the future.

No. 37: Luke "Emerald" Du Plessis
Probably the textbook definition of a "hidden boss", Emerald bouncing fishes his way into the NER. Coming from the northern state of New Hampshire, he is a reknowned Wi-Fi player that has made his name online and on social media. And despite not having attended very many tournaments throughout the seasons, he's more than made his presence heard, as he took down Glare, Kogarasuma, Ntarps, Pelca, and Tremendo Dude, as well as placing Top 3 at both Northeast Fusion 2 and the New England Arcadian III. Full of potential, he is looking to take it a step further and compete much more in Ultimate!

No. 36: Justin "Hawk" Rosa
Another young prodigy of the New England region, Hawk makes his way onto the rankings. Despite a lot of pressure being put onto him to succeed in a region full of excellent Fox players and killers, he has more than delivered on that pressure, beating people such as Glare, Ntarps, LingLing, SpaceMario and Tony Pajamas. He's also made two very respectable finishes at Overclocked III and IV, placing 25th and 33rd respectively. We hope to see him travel more outside Connecticut and possibly outside New England in the near future!

No. 35: Adam "808" Pollock
Rhode Island continues to send out it's talent, as 808's #35 spot crunches in to the rankings. With a determined look and outgoing sense of humor, 808 was ready to take on the competition and leave a mark amongst the New England competition. With a 9th place finish at the recent Overclocked IV and 17th at the New England Arcadian III, he has gotten wins on Captain Q, Cagt, DM, Koolaid, and Splash Damage. He always shows up to events with a smile, and is always ready to compete no matter how tough the competition may be.

No. 34: Trey "Nuggetz" Amos
If you've ever wondered what happens when hidden gems come out to play, Nuggetz is a prime example of it. Previously only known for reigning brackets at Becker College, he eventually made his way out to events in Massachusetts, and proved his skill by taking down big names such as Captain Q, Cagt, Craftis, DM, and Ntarps. Following that, he also placed 17th at Overclocked IV and 17th at the New England Arcadian III, as well as being consistently ranked in MA during the 2018 period. Now studying at UMass Boston, we're excited to see what he can get cooking for us in the next game.

No. 33: James "Tanark" Jongho Lee
New England is home to many colleges full of many international students, and amongst them is Tanark. This South Korean native came to study to MCPHS in the end of 2017, and instantly made himself known throughout the region. Taking down names such as Bestness, Cagt, Mysterica, Ntarps, and Raffi-X, he's shown that while South Korea's Smash scene is not very well known, they definitely are home to very skilled players. Now studying in Minnesota, we hope to see him succeed even more in his future endeavors!

No. 32: Tommy "DreadFighter" Samia
Rounding off the young talent for this section of the NER is qWo's very own DreadFighter! This excellent student of UMass Amherst is also an excellent player throughout New England, with very high finishes such as 3rd at GUMS 18 and 5th at the New England Arcadian III. He has gotten wins on the likes of Glare, Kuma, LingLing, Raffi-X, and Tony Pajamas, and is no stranger to the MA PR rankings, being on there 3 times in his career. Equipped with a scary Ike and Ganon as well, Dread is definitely a player to keep an eye on for future tournaments in the New England area!

No. 31: Chris "IceArrow" Lutts
Finishing off this part of the NER is MA's very own IceArrow! Also a veteran of the New England community since Brawl, IceArrow's been one of the most diverse players in NE in terms of characters, as he is known to have a competent Fox and Jigglypuff alongside his Greninja and Mario. He has gotten very impressive wins over the likes of Saj, DarkAura, Pelca, Ntarps and SpaceMario, as well as an impressive 25th finish at Shine 2017. You can rest assured that he will transfer his fundamentals to Ultimate and continue to succeed in that game's metagame as well!

- Jon "ActualGarbage" Hoyt - @Actual_Garbage_ 
- Seth "Big Spill" Kary - @BiGSPiLL_ 
- Cyrus "Cagt" Gharakhanian - @Cagt3000 
- Riley "Captain Q" Freeman - @CaptainQssb 
- Darius "Koolaid" Hill - @LaidFitness 
- Dylan "Mr Escalator" Smith - @MrEscalator

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All descriptions and graphics are written and designed by Cagt.

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