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Cagt - December 4, 2018

With the end of Smash 4 and Ultimate on the horizon, New England Smash 4 has decided to put together a final Top 50 rankings of the best players the region has seen.

This PR takes all results between 2017-2018 and analyzes the peak wins, placements, and consistency of each player. With New England being a very large region composed of 6 states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont), there are a lot of players that were in the running for this final ranking. However, after analyzing the data, we believe these 50 players represent our region the best.

Without further ado, here is the NER!

No. 30: Lee "LeeT" Wongwajarachot
There're many low tier heroes out there, but this man went for the lowest of them all. LeeT has not let his characters hold him back, as he's scooped up wins on players such as Light, Ntarps, Pelca, Raffi-X, and Sinji. He's had excellent performances such as 13th at Overclocked II and 49th at CEO. While he originally started out as a Jigglypuff main, he put her aside to tri-main all three of the Mii Fighters, and went on to become one of the best players of that trio in the entire world (same for Puff). Who knows if he'll be looking at the tier list backwards in Ultimate again.

No. 29: Matthew "HazMatt" Ian
You've seen TOs on the NER, now say hello to New England's premiere commentator! HazMatt has been around since the Brawl days, and originally competed in the state of New York, where he was PR'd there at the time. He came to New England in the early days of Smash 4, competed for a bit, took a break, came back, and became stronger than ever, beating the likes of Chavo, Craftis, Glare, LingLing, and Pelca. While he's focused his time on commentary (and has become known for it internationally), he is no slouch when it comes to bracket.

No. 28: Kevin "Kev_aROS" DiMaggio
Many players have breakout performances by beating a local high ranked player, or a notable player in the region. But not Kev_aROS: he went ahead and took down the PGR. Sitting at #28, he has wins on Captain Q, Cagt, Dill, Falln, and Scot, as well as placing 7th at Retro Rumble 2018 and 97 at Smash 'n' Splash 4. Toon Link may not be a very popular character, but rest assured that didn't stop him from grinding the game and improving more as a player. Rest assured he will continue to do the same in Ultimate!

No. 27: Chris "Hero" Phillips
If you thought you saw all of New England's young talent, think again. Hero has been an iconic member of the NES4 scene, racking up wins on Axiom XL, Chavo, LingLing, Ntartps and Scot. Furthermore, he has placed 33rd at Overclocked and 49th at Shine 2017. He's always full of passion, whether it's in tournament or talking about JRPGs, and you can be sure he'll continue to compete in the upcoming years amongst his friends.

No. 26: Fernando "ShampooMaster" Francisco
Showing his moves at #26 of the NER is ShampooMaster! With his goofy personality, he has beaten notable players such as DM, Glare, Kuma, Ntarps, and Sinji, and has placed 25th at KTAR XX and 65th at Shine 2017. He's caught the region off-guard multiple times, as he often waits until the very end of a season to snatch those big name wins to secure his spot on the PR. Never count this guy out of bracket, because you never know what sort of trick he'll pull to make sure everyone remembers his name.

No. 25: Riley "Captain Q" Freeman
Many players on the NER have dropped their low or mid tier characters for a high or top tier one. But not Captain Q! Putting aside his Olimar for Game & Watch, he has beaten the likes of Diablo, Koolaid, Kuma, Scot, and Tumultus, as well as placing 65th at The Big House 7 and 13th at Overclocked III. Known to have a fierce Meta Knight and King Dedede, this man is ready to train and pullout any character of his liking to take names in bracket. The lower tier the character is, the more scared you should be.

No. 24: Max "Tsage" Hopkins
The hero of Hyrule himself comes in at the 24th spot of the NER! Studying at Harvard University as a Washington state native, Tsage has excelled both in school and in bracket, beating players such as Axiom XL, Captain L, LeeT, Locke, and MattyG. Additionally, he's also placed 7th at GUMS 16 and 2nd at New England Arcadian II. While he may oftentimes be busy with school, and is currently studying in San Diego, California for his Masters Degree, he is a tactician in-game and will take on any challenge in his way!

No. 23: Nelvin "Nelvin" Montesdeoca 
We've talked about hidden bosses in NE due to not attending many events. Nelvin, however, built up the reputation of being a "hidden boss" due to people never knowing when or where he will be competing! But despite that, he has an amazing track record of Koolaid, LingLing, Raffi-X, Scot, and Twi, as well as finishing 13th at Overclocked and 65th at Genesis 5. He may not make his presence known on social media, but if you happen to catch a rare sighting of this Diddy Kong main, be prepared for quite the show.

No. 22: Robbie "SpaceMario" Connel
Lunar landing his way on the NER is Rhode Island's very own SpaceMario! While his tag gives away the characters he plays, don't let that fool you: he has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in bracket. Taking down the likes of Cagt, Craftis, Hero, Light, and Pugwest, as well as placing 25th at both Overclocked I and II, he has been a consistent threat throughout the New England region. He is also an excellent pixel artist, and has contributed a lot to RI. We hope to see him continue his success in the future!

No. 21: Jose "Chavo" Abraham
Chavo closes out this section of the NER at #21! Often made fun of as one of the "old men" of the New England region, that didn't stop him from taking names left and right. Beating players such as Koolaid, Mr. E, Nelvin, Raptor, and Sol, he will not let his age hold him back. With a 17th place finish at Overclock and an impressive 65th place finish at EVO 2017, this man will make sure people learn to respect their elders. Be sure to keep an eye on him during upcoming tournaments in the New England Smash 4 region!

- Jon "ActualGarbage" Hoyt - @Actual_Garbage_ 
- Seth "Big Spill" Kary - @BiGSPiLL_ 
- Cyrus "Cagt" Gharakhanian - @Cagt3000 
- Riley "Captain Q" Freeman - @CaptainQssb 
- Darius "Koolaid" Hill - @LaidFitness 
- Dylan "Mr Escalator" Smith - @MrEscalator

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All descriptions and graphics are written and designed by Cagt.

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