New Game, New Meta! Smash Ultimate Impressions! Changes to jump, shield, and knockback!

ProTips_Lade - December 5, 2018

Hey everyone! My name is Lade and many of you may know me as SsbProTips on Twitter. I post content that's aimed at beginner and mid levels players to bridge the gap between mid and high level play so that anyone can begin to think like a high level Smash player. 

I also create a lot of content on how to build a strong and positive competitive mentality towards whatever game it is that you compete in. 

Today's video is on the new mechanics in Smash Ultimate. I've had a solid amount of time to sit down with the game, and here I'll be talking about the new mechanics, and how I think they'll influence the meta! I'll also give my impressions of the game in general! 

Come check it out! 

Hope you enjoy, and if you're looking forward to more content please share the video and subscribe! :)

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