My Realization of Luigi's Changes

Chukkaque - December 10, 2018

Good morning Smashers!

In my last post I mentioned I was a Luigi main for many years, so of course, I gotta jump back to my man in Green in Ultimate. But to my surprise he had MANY changes to his style.


Going from a hand grab to a tether grab.
Up tilt swing from ground to above head vs behind and over head
Hes not slippery any more
Can't recover with Tornado (or at least I can't at the moment)
Up B doing like 30% and killing at 65%ish depending on the character

He has seen a lot of changes for him. Which really took me by surprise.  From 64 > Melee > Brawl > 4 Luigi really didn't see much change about him.  At least, not in this drastic of a way.

Now do I think they're bad? No.  Games  been out for maybe 3 days. Time will tell if these changes matter. But let me tell you.  I've never got more successful grabs with Luigi before Ultimate. I usually get these pulled off really well by performing a dash away, pivoting, and then inputing grab. A lot of time folks try to dash attack you or dash into shield. So this is a good "gotcha" thing I noticed.

I'll post up some more thoughts in another post, but thats it for today.

What did you notice? Any major changes happen to your mains? I'd love to hear about it!

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