Ultimate Input Lag Tested. Credits to GigaBoots on Youtube.

Xuramaz - December 10, 2018

When Smash Ultimate was first demo'ing, many players were complaining about input lag. Of course, this was chalked up to the Tv's used at the demo's, which was largely true, and now that the complaint has largely died out.
Personally, Smash ultimate has been feeling a little laggy on the inputs to myself, but I figured that was just a few mechanical changes and being unfamiliar with the game.
However, while looking about on YouTube, I've happenned about some videos by GigaBoots testing the input lag of the Smash games. Go watch them and support the man's work. (Otherwise uhh, I'm also including relevant screenshots below)


Oh, you want your quick and easy huh? I guess here's the relevant screenshots.

The difference between the two GCN results in plugging the adapter into the two usb ports on the side of the dock, or using a hub to get to the usb 3 at the back. Afaik that shouldn't make a difference, since the adapter is a usb 2 device, and in this video he admits that the differnce in averages would probably equal out with more sampling since the highs and the lows are the exact same.
All controllers in Ultimate (minus pro controller wired?)

In this screenshot, it shows that ultimate is a frame slower than Smash for Wii U, however with the average so close to 2 frames, it will be 2 frames slower quite often.
Input lag across titles

Incase you were wondering why it uses wiimote for Brawl and Wii U Incase you were curious why Brawl is Wiimote

and eh, all of them from Wii U just tossed at the end because why not.Smash 4 results at the end because, why not.

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